Monday, August 2, 2010

new place

sorry Ive been so absent from blogging, moving is no joke :( between packing the uhaul, driving it, unpacking it, moving boxes, buying a chair, trying to figure out how Im going to afford to live here, panicking about my job interview and dealing with JAB, its been a long week

but the good news is Im alive. I have an apartment with AC and an empty fridge. I had an over the phone job interview today, just finished it actually, so I am a little jittery. I really really need this job, its 40hours a week, with benefits. I couldn't ask for more. Id be working in the UWG admissions office, and hopefully be on the road to being an admissions person, which would be an ideal job for me! Its good hours, 11am - 8pm so no super early mornings & id have all the weekends off and the holidays. I wouldn't be able to take classes but that sounds a-ok with me. Id like a break from school.

living in a new town where I only know my boyfriend and one of his roommates is tough. I have no one to hang out with, and JAB thinks Im being clingy when I call him every day to see him. my friends in ATL think an hour drive is too far to come see me, so I have to go there, which I cant afford to do right now :(

does anyone have any tips on how to meet some girlfriends? Im not very good at simply walking into a group and introducing myself without feeling foolish. Its weird because Ive been the new kid a million times, but it was so much easier back when I was little. Now I feel crazy and weird trying to meet people.

so any tips or hints would be much appreciated :)


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