Monday, December 27, 2010

My dearest readers

to the lovely ladies, and any gents who read this blog, I just want to say thank you! I realize I havent posted on here much lately and I am sorry. I have been very busy with work and I seem to have less and less time.

Thank you for not simply unfollowing me, thank you for sticking through this with me :)

I am working on some new posts, just need to figure out how to plan posts :)

Monday, December 20, 2010

God works in funny ways part 2

so PB and I emailed back and forth for a week or so. Lots of flirting and connecting and weird questions. It made me smile and happy. I was so excited to sign on and see what he had written.

He seemed so nice and kind and like a real decent guy, but you really never know. It could be all bluffing, but something inside told me to keep messaging him.

After about 2 weeks he FINALLY asked for my cell # so we could txt and boy did we txt. 100 a day, just the 1st day. He was funny and smart and cute, oh boy was he cute! He sent me a few pictures, to my phone and he was just so handsome. I couldnt really believe it. The guys I seem to date are nice, and kind and decent looking, but nothing like this.

Now some of y'all know that I've only dated online. and now all of you know. I have never met a guy in person without connecting with him online first. The simple truth of the matter is guys dont like heavier girls. They may love my personality, but thats rarely enough. I learned that the hard way in highschool, when I was friends with many guys who loved me, like a sister and I was always dateless for dances.

It never bothered me much, in someways I prefered it, meeting online. I could see an overview of them as a person so I wasted less time on dates where it would never work out. Thats not saying I havnt been on a million first dates, and most didnt work out, but you get the idea.

Now of the, lets say 20 guys Ive dated since I was 19 (my first boyfriend), none of them have ever made me feel safe or secure enough in my relationship to delete or disable my dating profiles. Even when I was with chase for 3 years, I still had a profile active on some site.

That all changed one night, in dec, in atlanta, at a restaurant called Ippolitios. There I met a guy who really got me, he understood me like no one I had ever met before. He laughed at my jokes, as unfunny as they were, looked at me like I was more then just a silly girl, talked to me like I was an adult. He took my pokes and poked back but never hurt me.

As dinner turned into 3 hours, we discovered we were the last people in the restaurant. We stood outside in the cold but I couldn't take it anymore so I invited him into my car. Normally I would never do that, not on a  1st date, for 2 reasons, a) my car is a MESS and b) its not very safe. But my gut told me I could trust him. So there were were, in the parking lot of a little family restaurant just spilling our guts to each other. I told him things Id never told a therapist.
 The best part was, he understood. He knew what I had been through in my life, he himself had faught depression. He had been in an abusive relationship. It was just so safe, I wasnt being judged or laughed at or put down by someone who simply couldnt understand.

at that moment I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach. something I had never felt so quick. it rose up inside me and the happiness and comfort I felt, it almost over whelemed me. Maybe, just maybe, this man sitting here, in my messy car, at 2am, in a parking lot in rosewell, maybe he was him, my prince charming

 I dont know for sure, no one does, but I have a good feeling about PB

to be continued...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Entry 21, RUTH!

congratulations! Please send me an email atlyankeebelle {at} gmail {dot} com
I shall send your surprise giveaway box out ASAP

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

God works in funny ways

As most of you know, since you read my blog every day, or at least when I post, things with me and JAB have been rocky here lately, to say the least. He's a wonderful guy, but we are so very very different and we want different things, value different things and are at different places in our lives. Its hard letting go of someone who was such a big part of my life for so long, but I am hoping we can be friends.

So a few days before thanksgiving I was talking to my mom about all my millions of failed relationships and I asked her what I should do, maybe join because of the guarantee or to find someone. Instead, in all her mommy wisdom she said "you should be single for a while".

Point blank, I am not good at being single. I am a very co dependent person, and I like being part of an us. Im not a huge fan of dating, I much prefer relationships. But for once in my life I decided I would follow my mother's advice and be single. So I decided to swear off dating for a month and a half, til Jan 1 and see how it was.

Now everyone knows being single during the holidays is very very hard, but I figured if I put it off, I wouldn't do it, so I put myself on a dating hiatus.

Sounds like a great plan right? Ya I thought so too.

I decided this time I would be serious about it, I would really focus on being single. I went and removed my profile from and disabled eharmony's emails, I look myself off and went private on OK cupid. The last site I went to was POF, Its by far my favorite dating site, its free, its easy, and there are lots of guys.

Now like every site, the recommend guys for me, but I always ignore them because they never meet my criteria. But that night, a picture caught my eye.

This is PB dressed like Santa

and this is what his profile read:

I am actually a pretty simple guy who wants what everyone else wants: a chance to be with someone they can't (or don't want to) live without. This is not to say I am looking to get married next week or anything, so don't be afraid! :)

So what is it that I want? Hmm... good question. Here is a good start:
- are sweet, kind, understanding, patient, and affectionate.
- like music, like being physically active, like receiving random texts to see how you are doing, like being shown attention without being over the top, and you like sports (at least a little).
- realize that not everything is based on looks, there is more to a person.
- don't use the term "down for whatever".
- can turn heads in a pair of jeans or in a little black dress.
- are confident.
- like spending time with the person you are with.
- are not judgmental about someone who doesn't have an executive level, 9-5 type job (because even though I have a good job, it's not a 9-5 thing).
- are not threatened by the fact that I have an opposite sex best friend and an opposite sex roommate.
- can adjust to ever-changing facial hair. :)
- can laugh at the world, and yourself, and can give it just as good as you take it.
- like the fact that some people have A LOT of layers to their personality.
- like to talk until two in the morning about nothing or because you can't sleep.
- think a hot dog and a beer at a ballgame is just as good as a five-star restaurant.
- like road trips.
- want to get to know me! (Probably the most important)

As for me, I:

- am all of the above, why would I expect anything I am not willing to give. Wait, minus the dress thing and maybe I might not like if you have facial hair like mine. The other stuff, completely there on that. :)
- prefer ACC football to SEC football (go Noles!)
- walk/run/go to the gym 4-5 times a week.
- love talking to interesting people who have an opinion and will fight for that opinion.
- will always be supportive and in your corner, even if I don't agree with what you are doing.
- will be there to pick you up and even carry you if the need arises.
- will cook for you on occasion. :)
- will sing for you (if you are really lucky).

I hope to hear from you soon. Take a chance, take a chance... (yes, Abba... don't judge me!)

 Now ladies, we all know the perfect man died a few 1000 years ago, on a cross, for our sins, so I know perfection is hard to find but a guy that has 90% of what I am looking for is someone to take note of, right?

But what about my dating hiatus? Well I figured I'd send him a quick message, just a quick HI and that would be it. Trust me, I was not expecting to hear anything back.

But the next day he emailed me...

To Be Continued....

Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Giveaway!

Blogger oh Blogger how I have missed thee! I'm going to celebrate my return to blogging with...


But this giveaway is special, because its a secrete! Only I know what its going to be :D

I will tell you this much, it will be holiday themed and it will be worth at least $35!

This giveaway will be open for 1 week, I will close it sunday night and I will ship the package monday or tuesday so it can go under your christmas tree. No peeking! Then the winner will reveal the contense of the package on their blog Dec 25!

Sound like fun?

Here's how to enter

**** Each entry must be A SEPARATE COMMENT!****

1 Entry for following my blog
1 Entry for posting about your favorite christmas memory
1 Entry for tweeting about the giveaway (must include @atlyankeebelle and #holiday #giveaway in the tweet

 Thats 3 entries per person!




Tuesday, November 30, 2010


yay - the time has come the walrus said, for this blogger to randomly chose a winner for her giveaway! Yay! and the winner is #13 (as generated by

Laura of Along For The Ride

Congrats Laura

send me an email at atlyankeebelle at gmail dot com and I set you up with miss Cap

Thanks all for entering my giveaway! Look for another one soon

Friday, November 26, 2010

Oh The Holidays

Well today is friday, the day after thanksgiving. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! Mine started off kind of ruff, but it got better :)

So I know some of you were up at the crack of dawn, or earlier, I hope you got everything you went out to get. Im planning on doing some black friday shopping next year, so any advice will be much appreciated.

I got some interesting news this weekend. My brother PJS is a senior at Wake Forest in NC, and he is an accounting major. In Jan he will be moving back into my parents house to start his internship with a major accounting firm here in atlanta.

I love my brother because hes my brother, but living with him is another story. Without filling this post with reasons why I hate living with him, Im simply gonna say Im moving out asap

This also means I need to figure out how to get out of my current lease, which is even more complex because the office is only open when I am at work :( This is gonna be a challange.

For my atlanta readers, I am working very close to the altanta history center. I am looking for a roommate and a 2-3 br apartment or even small house to rent for about 6 months. any ideas?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


first of all, to all my readers who work full time 40 hour a week jobs, kudos to you! Ive only had 3 day work weeks and Im pooped. To those young ladies who are in college, working full time is VERY different. I have the energy to get home, eat dinner, maybe watch tv and shower then pass out.

Im sure in a few weeks my body will be used to it, but right now its not.

so I love my job, we have so much fun in training. and my big confession of the week - I have a crush on my team lead. Hes from Ann Arbor MI, a natural born Michigan fan and hes married. Oh well. But he gives me faith that I might find a nice UofM grad to marry me :)

on that note I have decided being single for the holidays sucks! I have my 1st office christmas party and no one to bring. Along with that I have no date for my family's annual trip to see a christmas carol. So any of you ladies who know of a nice guy here in atlanta, please please please let me know!

I am literally falling asleep as I write this so Im gonna hit the sack. I do have some exciting news coming up :)

also - for those of you who use a reader, so you dont miss any blog posts, what do you use? I want to try one

Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Later

Im sorry - Ive been a terrible blogger the last few days. Im not doing a full long post, but I just want to let you know that


Leaving you with something funny :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tomorrows the Big Day

so tomorrow at 7.45 AM I will be here:

a big grown up office in atlanta

I start my 6 week training tomorrow and to say that I am nervous would be like saying the pope is kinda religious. I am like crazy nervous! 

Tonight I will be driving to atlanta where I will be staying with my parents for the holiday season. Luckily I will still have my carrollton apartment so on the weekends I can come back here to relax and be away from the ciaos that will be my parents house over the holiday season.
In other news...
a boy asked for my digits last night and we chatted and he seems like a nice guy. Im not going to give him an official blog name, like JAB because we havnt even gone on a date, but if we do, he will get his own name. Im thinking of calling him PCBB for Panama City Beach Boy because that is where hes from. Or Red, because he drives a little red truck. not sure yet lol

I have my last tutoring sesion today with Leo, which is sad because Im gonna miss him, but JAB is going to tutor him. He needs the job and it'll give him something to do. 

I also had dinner a few night ago with a nice guy I met online, not much dating potential but a friend, and he told me about a few places around carrollton that might be hiring so I'm gonna go ahead and check them out. A job closer to here would be nice, but it would need to pay as well or better then the Wirpo job to be worth it.

On another note, I am super excited about christmas cards this year! I am planning on sending my own out, separate from my family, because my mom rarely sends them out anymore. Im going to write one of those letters telling people what Ive been up to this year and everything.

I'm also thinking of giving my parents a photo shoot for christmas. We dont have any family pictures and it would be fun. I cant afford to pay a pro in atlanta, most cost $350+ for a 2 hour shoot for 5 people, and that doesnt even include the pictures, so Im thinking of putting an add on craigslist looking for a novice photographger or even a SCAD student. Atlanta ladies - do you know anyone who does photography on the side? 

I've decided this year for christmas Im just gonna ask for money because I really want to buy myself a real camera

For all you ladies who take such fab pictures, which one would you recommend? Im planning to take some photography classes at a local school in the spring bc I am seriously considering starting my own little side photography business.

Im planning on taking a trip here

to buy the camera, as I can try it out and pay 1/2 the cost for it. Any one want to join me for this road trip? 

Well Im off to pack up my car and eat some lunch. Have a fab day!

Monday, November 15, 2010


so I am happy to report a few things

1. I feel better! Im not 100% yet, but Im much better then I was yesterday and thats always a good thing!

2. I got my official "report here wensday at 8AM" email from my job! So I guess it's all real!
*for all you ladies who work in an office, what do I wear? I know no jeans, but I also didnt see any one in a suite - so Im thinking nice slacks and a nice top with jewlry? I guess Ill find out wensday*

3. Im thinking of either starting a new blog, or changing the name of this one. I cam up with A Belle On A Budget - how one atlanta belle lives large on a little
is that cute? funny? Horrible? advice please!

and now for something that is gonna make your heart just SING! I adore youtube and this may have become my favorite video:

now I also love love love this one (its long but well worth it)

and who could forget this one:

Now, turn off the music on my blog and play all these and smile from ear to ear :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Wramblings

so guess what... Im still sick :( no more sore throat, but my head feels like its the size of a beach ball - not fun!

So as I sit here in my apartment, I am trying to think about good things. On wed I start my 1st big girl job! How exciting is that? Im super duper nervous but thats ok. I am super excited to meet some new people, and to be in Atlanta because I will be able to attend YAM events!

not that kinda YAM
this kind:

I'm most excited for 

Yay! Beer and catholic teachings!

So I also want to remind you of :

Please join! It's gonna be a delicious yummy swap!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Stuffed Up

 So right now Im sitting in my parents kitchen, watching Law & Order about something crazy, IDK. They love this show, I like it ok, but I prefer Bones. I'm pretty sure they have another episode coming up so I figure Ill answer some of these fun questions.  
1. Do you see a lot of stars at night where you live?
I think so, next time I'm outside at night I'll have to look up. I know in Atlanta I can't see stars when I look up. A few years ago I was a camp counselor for the summer and I just loved looking up at the stars every night.

2. Did you cry today?
Yes, I have been sick and I have a lot of pressure built up on my head. Sometimes crying lets the pressure out.

3. What are you doing tomorrow?
I think I am going to dash over to IKEA and grab some tuperware and then I'll be headed back to carrollton to pack up some more clothes and hang out with some friends. Just a nice low key weekend.

4. What is the last movie you watched and what's the best thing about it?
“Toy Story 3" I just love pixar animation and the characters are just so cute.

5. Are you craving any kind of food right now?
Something sweet, might go find some chocolate. I was super craving sushi today, so thats what I had for dinner.

6. Who slept in your bed with you last?
Me, and me and I.

7. Where were you at 9am?
Today? Awake - looking for cold meds

8. How do you feel about your hair?
I normally love it, but here lately its been really weird, so Im hoping to get it healthy and then get a nice cut and style.

9. Do you plan on having any babies and if so how many?
Yes, I want to be a mommy. I want 2, a boy and a girl. 

10. Do you wear makeup?
Not very often, but now that I'm gonna have a big girl job, I'll prob wear basic makeup.

11. Have you done any community service this year?
Yes, a lot. I did about 60 hours my last semester at GSU but I havnt found a group to volunteer with around here yet. I did sign up for a volunteering singles group in ATL that I'm excited for.

12. What is the last concert you went to?
Tim McGraw in April

13. Do you have any secret wishes right now?
Yes, but I guess if I tell you, it wont be a secret, will it.

14. Have you ever cried in front of the last person you kissed?
Ya, but here lately he is the reason I have been crying so its not so good.

15. If you could be anywhere right now where would you want to be?
In statesboro with my friends, getting ready to go out for a fun night.

16. How is the weather lately?
OK - not too hot, but not freezing either.

17. Where do you want to eat next?
I'm thinking Fellinies tomorrow.

18. What scares you the most about relationships?
Not ever finding the One.

19. What's your favorite sport to play?


20. Do you like chocolate?

21. What are you listening to?
Target Add for Keith Urban - Love Him!

22. What happens to you when you get nervous?
I talk too much, and I fidget.

23. Does the rain ruin your day?
I try not to let it.

24. What is your relationship status?
Ugh... well lets just say JAB send me a txt saying we need to talk about "us" tomorrow since on wed I will be moving to ATL m-f for at least the next 6 weeks.

25. Are you ticklish?
only one place, but its very very very painful for me to be tickled there.

well now that I've spilled my sick guts, I'm gonna go put on my PJs, head down to the theater and watch some DVR!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Christmas Swap

so I dont know about y'all but I am super excited about this christmas season. For one, I will have a grown up job, so that means I will have some extra $$ to spend on gifts etc. And it will be my first christmas at my new place which I wont actually be celebrating at because Im moving to my parents house come tue Lord save me. I am considering changing the name of my blog to Single Girl, Lives With Her Parents, 1st Big Girl Job, but thats kinda long and not so fun to say, so I guess I wont.

I want to say thank you to all of your for your kind well wishes. I have been very sick for the last few days. Im better today and Im hoping by saturday to be 100% recovered.

so with all my down time, like 48 hours in bed, I have been day dreaming of christmas and the best part of christmas is cookies! My family has 2 recipes that we have been making for years and years and years. I love them and I cant wait to eat some. Its only recently did I realise that other people make different kinds of cookies. I love trying other people's family cookies. So I was thinking the best way of trying other people's cookies is to host a swap.

So heres the deal - On dec 10th, or 11th you will pack 24 cookies (1 or 2 different types, what ever you make in your family) in Tupperware (we dont want stale cookies) and ship them to your partner along with $10 worth of other holiday goodies.
Please sign up by Dec 1st, so I can assign everyone partners. Please add the picture to your blog and link it to this page, so we can have plenty of people join the swap.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Prayer

right now, I find myself turning to God more and more to help me with my many struggles. Between the drama of JAB, my current bout of sickness, the preparation for my new job and just general anxiety I find myself needing to talk to someone, but as I live alone and my friends are busy, I turn to God. I sure do wish I could just send him an email and get a prompt response, but that's not how it works. So tonight I decided to write a little prayer.

Dear God
thank you for the many blessings you have bestowed upon me, my supportive parents and friends. Thank you for allowing me to wake up each day, to feel the sun on my face, and breath clean air. Thank you for taking care of me in the past as I know you will in the future. Please help to make the choices you want me to make, surround myself with people who are kind and good, please help me to manage the stress I am under and to do your will. I know you have closed many doors in my life, and it seem as though right now I am looking for that window, please help me keep the faith to find it. I lift up my joys and my sorrows to you, O Lord. You are the wind beneath my wings. Please help me to bring your light to those around me. I love you and will serve you forever.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Blog Swap!

so I did a color swap with Jessica from Duck Duck Cow and I had so much fun! I love the color pink and my partner did such a great job!
I got a bunch of cute pink stuff! Sadly my phone isnt working so I cant post all the photos :( but heres what I got:

  • hand sanitiser (pepermint)
  • cup cake cups
  • hand made watch
  • pink pot holder
  • pink candy
  • pink tissues
All the pink made me sooo very happy!


hey y'all

I am alive :) but Im sick :(

with a sore throat :(

as much as I would like to stay in bed all day long

but instead I'm getting dressed and taking my coffee and going to take my drug test and tutor 2 different kids. This is gonna be a long day :(

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Good News

So I had my interview on monday at 2.15 and I got a call on monday at 5 from the HR guy saying they wanted me! Yes!
This is going to be a good week!
I am a little nervous because the job is a solid hour away from where I live, but its 2 miles from my parents house... do you see where Im going with this? 
Im going to continue to keep applying for work here, locally, but this is something! A company actually wants to pay me to work for them, how rockin amazing is that?

Another update in my life is I am SINGLE! I figured it would happen, Ive been pretty unhappy lately. But what has suppriesed me is how ok I am with being single. It used to be my biggest fear, being alone, but right now it's kind of nice. I am still friends with JAB and we might try dating again, but for right now knowing I can go on dates, and move to ATL and dance and kiss and have fun is amazing!

This weekend I am going to statesboro and I COULDNT BE MORE EXCITED IF I TRIED! I havnt seen my friends in 3+ months. None of them have come to visit :( and so now I am returning to my college town and I am super excited. Im gonna be celebrating my birthday a month late, my new job, and just being with my friends. There will be a lot of photos taken, not many blog posts or tweets, warning you now, but just know that I will be having the time of my life!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Job Interview tomorrow!

I feel like Ive been here been here before, the night before a big job interview. Last time it didnt go so well and I had all my eggs in one basket. This time I am hopfull and confident, but Im not quite so dependent on this job. Its in atlanta, so I would either have to commute an hour each way a day, move home to my parents house or move to the atlanta area. I am prepared to do any of the three, but I havnt made any plans.

The interview is for a customer service position which is something I really enjoy. What I need help with from my readers is my outfit. I did a polyvore and I will also take a photo later tonight. Please tell me what you think

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey y'all

so one of my favorite bloggers - Pearls Curls and a Southern Girl got tagged with 8 questions and she tagged all her readers, so Im gonna answer her questions :)  

1. Why did you start blogging?
I started blogged in high school, with live journal and xanga because it was the it thing to do any everyone else was doing it (terrible reason I know, but I was young). Then I got introduced to twitter in the summer of 2007 I think, when twitter was still very new. I noticed some people were blogging so I figured Id try it. I didnt stick with it though. My last semester in college I came up with the ATL Yankee Belle twitter name and thus my blog was born. :)

2.  What would your dream career be?
F  Do I have to pick just one? Well I cant so heres my list, which grows every day
  •      wedding planner
  •      disney cast member
  •      GO at clubmed
  •      professional blogger/tweeter
  •      restaurant owner / chef / pastry chef
  •      mom
  •      CEO overseas
  •      teacher

     What is your biggest fear?
      That I'll never figure out what Im suppost to be doing. I wont find my husband, I wont have kids, I wont find my calling from God
4.   What is something that you hope to accomplish before the end of this year?
      I want to have a full-time job that I really enjoy and I want to have some friends in my new town

5.   If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you pick?
      Right now, Id move back to statesboro like tomorrow to be closer to my friends. But in the future I want to love to Australia

6.    Who is someone you’re closest to?
      This may be a little weird, but I feel really close to my readers. I tell y'all things I dont feel comfortable telling my friends or family. Is that weird? Maybe, but its true. 

7.   What is your biggest pet peeve?
      People who say mean things or do mean things and dont think about how their words or actions will affect other people. 
What is your favorite childhood memory?
Traveling in europe with my family.  

So instead of tagging people, I am going to tag all of my readers :)

and here are the 8 questions you get to answer:

1. What was the best halloween costume you saw this year? pic is a bonus
2. Do you tell the 100% truth on your blog, or do you sort of beef up your life to make it a little more exciting?
3. If you could be a fly on any wall, which would you choose?
4. Do you budget your Christmas shopping or just get it done without budgeting?
5. What is the craziest fad diet you have ever done? 
6. Is there a TV show that you have seen every episode/season of? 
7. What one song always pulls at your heart?
8. Tell us about your first love

and go!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Costume Ideas

sooooo tomorrow well today is the day to get dressed up for halloween. Because JAB is so dull, and isnt into halloween, I have totally given up trying to make a cute couples costumes. So as tomorrow is, well tomorrow, and I am hoping we will go to some sort of holiday event, I have come up with costumes for JAB and I.

so you may or may not know that JAB is GBI 120%. In fact, you can go as far as to say he is anti greek. I on the other hand, am greek and proud of it. I dress preppy, Sperrys and pearls and lilly and Vera. He wears all UGA tshirts, sneakers and work out shorts. He hates bow ties and doesnt dress up unless I make him.

So I decided we would go as each other. He will be going at TMF and I will be GDI.


So what are you going as for halloween?


I am so excited right now y'all. After 4 month of blogging, I am hosting my very 1st GIVEAWAY! How exciting is that?

I just hosted a Halloween Swap and Miss Cap was my partner. I confess I didn't know about her blog until the swap, but it is just so crafty and wonderful. And she owns her own jewelry company, which is where the giveaway comes in. She is offering $30 at Cap Creations to one lucky winner.

Heres how to enter (please leave separate comment for each):

manditory entry
1. Follow my blog
2. Follow Cap Creations Blog & add her button to your blog

Extra entries:
1. Blog about this giveaway (must include the pic at the bottom of the post)
2. Grab the button for your side bar, and link it to this post
3. Tweet about this giveaway (@atlyankeebelle)

That's 5 possibly entries

Here is the picture, sorry its not a button, I dont know how to make those yet

Good Luck Y'all!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Blogger Award!

I have wanted to make my own blogger award for a while and I did :) so here it is

Look out to be tagged with this award!


Hello Ladies

The wonderful Daphne over at Flip Flops and Pearls is hosting a super exciting giveaway for a blog makeover! I dont know about you, but I really need some professional help with my blog. So hop on over to her blog and enter the giveaway!


 Everyone loves CSN store because they sell everything, and now Houghton Happening's is hosting a giveaway! $35 at CSN - so go check out her cute blog!

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