Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1. Pretend it’s Monday morning–take us through a day in the life of you. Well yesterday was monday so I can give you the low down on my day to day life
11am - wake up, get a drink, take my hair skin & nails vitamin, open my laptop and start reading all the amazing blogs (114) that I follow.
12 - think about eating lunch, decide to bake some beer bread, look up the recipe, make the bread and put it in the oven, go back to the computer and finish reading blogs
1 - breads done, have a big slice and watch some Bravo TV re runs
2 - bravo tv re runs
3 - I should shower today, shouldnt I, so I hop in the shower and spend an hour in there
4 - get a super rude email from JAB's sister, and I blog about it
5 - watch more TV
6 - my mother calls and we talk for a while
7 - get ready to go to trivia
8-10pm at trivia with JAB
11pm - come home, upset about the job drama. sent a super long email to my friends about it. watched RHONJ reunion! OMG it was amazing!
12 - RHONJ
1am - putz around the house, flirt around on the internet
2am - make a midnight snack 2 hours late
3am - lay in bed, not sleeping
4 am- finally fall asleep

2. What’s your favorite reality TV show? anything on BRAVO

3. What motto do you live by? I have 2
You cant be old and wise id your not young and crazy
may your life be filled with relaxing sunsets, cool drinks, and sand between your toes

4. If you knew could you try anything and not fail, what dream would you attempt? Get married? lol. I think I would go back to college and rush a social sorority.

5. What was your first job? babysitting

6. What is your current job? unemployed

7. What would you call yourself if you could choose your own name (and you cannot pick the one you already have)? when I was little I always wanted to be called Samantha

8. What musical instruments can you play? none

9. Is it easier to forgive or forget? forgive, but never forget

10. What is one food you’d never want to taste again? none - lol. I love all food


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