Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pink & Green Will Have To Wait, today is SCOUTMOB Day

I know today is pink and green Thursday and I always look forward to this day but right now I need to blog about something else, and that something else is SCOUTMOB

I don't know about you, reader, but I LOVE to eat, I LOVE to shop and most of all I love to SAVE! Being on a tight budget is hard to get used to when you've been living via your parents for 23 years, so naturally I expect the best. I crave sushi and steak dinners when I should be eating at McDonald's. But I have found the answer to my prayers, and it is SCOUTMOB

I discovered the app on my iPhone when it first came out and I ignored it like so many of the apps I got right away. But one day I decided to open it and see what it was and I found a treasure!

SCOUTMOB, a small company based in Atlanta, scouts around the city and finds you the best deals and coolest places and offers you FREE discounts! yes, I said FREE. unlike group-on and those other sites, you don't have to pay money up front.

Its very very easy, just go to the website and put yourself on the email list and they will email you an amazing deal every day. Then you simply forward it to your cell phone, via text and voila, you have a 1/2 off coupon for an Atlanta hot spot that doesn't expire for 3 months.  

Right now, SCOUTMOB is only available for ATLANTA and NEW YORK CITY but the company is working on many other cities. I highly recommend getting the iPhone App because you can search deals by how close they are to you, and when they expire.

If your planning a trip to NYC or the ATL anytime soon, this is a great thing to know about, because it not only saves you a lot of money, but it introduces you to places other then the typical tourist traps!

Happy Saving!


kBw said...

What an awesome app! I wish I lived in ATL so I could use it =/ Maybe we'll be there for residency :) I hope you have a lovely day! xo

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