Saturday, August 21, 2010

Real Housewives of Atlanta

Head Back to Atlanta! (click here for a preview of season 3)

For all of you lovely ladies who read my blog, you know, from my title, I'm from Atlanta. And if you read my blog you know how much I love Bravo and all the Real Housewives Shows. So of course I am pumped about RHOA until I saw the cast.

I am not racists, I have lots of African American friends, but I am very upset about the cast for this show! Few, if any of these ladies live ITP (inside the perimeter), none of them like in Buckhead, the elite neighborhood of Atlanta, and if for some reason you don't think Buckhead is the elite neighborhood to live in your just jealous because you don't live there and all but one of the women in the show are black. The Atlanta I know and love is nothing like this!

The Atlanta I know is primarily white, well to do, classy, catholic families. These women do not represent the Atlanta I know and love and it really disappoints me to see this. I want a show to show the true southern bells of the south, not these catty, rude, loud women!

When RHOA first premiered, I was pumped! I was living in south Georgia and all my friends knew I was from Atlanta, but many of them had never been. I was excited for them to watch the show and get a glimpse into my life when I went home. Boy was I in for a shock. We were all gathered in my living room for the premier and let me say the reaction of the girls was less then stellar. They couldn't believe Atlanta was like that and many of them said they never wanted to go if those were the kind of women who ruled the city. I was embarrassed and ashamed that my wonderful home had been portrayed so. I am sure many residence of NJ and NYC had the same feeling when they wanted their respective house wive shows.

I realize that the Atlanta I know may not be the same one as other natives know, and that's OK. You have your life and I have mine, but I want to see a show on Bravo or another channel about strong, southern, catholic women because those are the people I look up to and admire and want to know more about.

I hope they do a show like the real house wives of Nashville or Memphis or even Dallas, where they showcase true southern women, women who wear pears and Lilly, are a part of Junior League and send their children to private school. 

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L said...

Hello. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I usually enjoy all of the things that you write about. But today I was horrified to read this post. I understand that you are upset about the casting choices on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but I think it was quite improper to write a public entry about your dismay. Additionally, when you back up your opinions with facts that are incorrect, it just makes your argument appear more classless.
As someone who was born and raised in Atlanta, I don't really understand where you got your opinions about our great city. First of all, according to the 2000 census, the percentage of African Americans in the city of Atlanta is 61.4% ( Seeing as this was ten years ago, I am sure that the numbers are about the same to date. Also, the Catholic population in the south is about 10% or even less ( I know that the Catholic population in Atlanta is thriving, but we are waaaay outnumbered by Protestants not only in Atlanta, but in the South as well. Lastly, I am having a hard time even addressing your comment about Buckhead and people who live ITP. I get that Buckhead is a nice neighborhood, but it doesn't guarantee that those who live there are "classy." And, just to point out, there are plenty of other nice places to live both inside and outside the perimeter. I am sure that people who live in all of these places consider themselves to be just as loyal to the ATL as you do.
I don't mean to upset you with this comment, but next time please consider your words before you make them public.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Hmm, kind of a mean comment from L. I agree that Atlanta is a majority black. But I don't think color has a thing to do with class. And you are totally right that few if any of them actually live in Atlanta proper. Which I think must be misleading for those not familiar with the Atl area. I had to stop watching all the RH shows on Bravo- just to out of control. It's like they find tacky people and egg them on to act even worse than they did before. Though I hear that Danielle got the boot from NJ. If that's true and the bring Dina back I might give that another go.

Blessed Rain said...

They have to find the loud, abrasive and really crappy women or its not "good TV".
This is one of the main reasons I don't watch a lot of TV and don't waste my money on Cable.
I have visited Atlanta and have seen both sides of the fence. The good and the bad. I just wish that the "bad" would understand that it is mostly their attitude and not their wallets that keep them where they are.

Peachy Keen said...

First, I think it is completely within your rights to voice you opinion. This is your blog and you get to post what you want.

Second, I can totally see your point. I live in NJ, quite near where they film RHONJ, and I don't feel that it all represents my life or the lives of most of the people I know. In the end thought it makes for popular tv and I'm not terribly offended (The Jersey Shore is another story entirely...)

p.s. I just found your blog and I think it's darling!

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