Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

I wish I was doing a post about wedding Wednesday but I know my day will come :) I have, here in the last few days been getting very excited about football season and polyvore. Its an amazingly cool site. Ive also been working hard on my moving announcements. My printer died in the move :( so Ive been hard writing everyone but I think it'll be worth it :)

I was planning to post pictures of my apartment all unpacked and looking amazing today for wordless Wednesday but its a mess and I still need a lot of furniture so those photos will have to wait till im much more unpacked :)

so instead Im going to post some of my game day Polyvore outfits

Knitted Snood
12 GBP -
More Oasis scarves »
University of Michigan clipped by momo<3 use!


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