Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Weekend Adventure

well I'm going to have to start this blog off with a rant. I have a very small bathroom and I have needed an over the toilette shelf since I moved in. So I went to the local goodwill and spent $26 on this (it was new in the box, from Target).  I have spent the last 4 hours trying to build this over the toilette shelf and it is just not happening :( I am very upset, stressed and annoyed. I just went to and saw they have equally nice shelves for the bathroom for the same price. I am going to return this stupid shelf and get my money back. I am also very glad I didn't spend $70 on a nice white dresser from Target that I saw there. Much better to save my money and buy something from IKEA.

I am a firm believer of reuse and recycle, so I try to buy as much as I can from craigslist, or goodwill or other such places. I spend less money and I know I am keeping things from going to the trash. 9/10 I get some really great buys from goodwill and craigslist. My amazing new IKEA furniture came from craigslist, and I got the lot for 1/2 the price of new from the store. The chair I'm sitting in was another craigslist find. Over the years I have gotten some great things from goodwill, including Vera Bradley bags, kate spade picture frames, BCBG shoes, a number of books and even a coach purse.

Another great find was my kitchen pub table. It is nice and high and very high quality. I found it next to the trash here at my new apartment. With $5 worth of new hardware my dad rebuilt the table. The table top was scratched up and so I decided to paint the top with chalkboard paint. I'm not sure if you  have heard about this paint, but its amazing. You simply paint it on a flat surface, and it becomes a chalk board. It would be great for all you moms, paint a spot on the wall so you can write out your weekly schedule. I have painted my table top with it so I can write whats for dinner right on the table. I think its a fun, quirky way to display the menu.

I also thinking of painting my IKEA coffee table with it so I can write myself notes on what to watch when (I am very bad of keeping track of all the channels). It comes off a nice flat black, which you don't realize is chalkboard right away.


Erin Wallace said...

Here on a Sunday for the Friday blog hops! Now following you - hope to see you at Dropped Stitches!

xo Erin

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