Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Im calling this post TV Tuesday

o its Tuesday, and I will admit, I had to actually look up on my cell to make sure I was right, its been one of those days. I HATE HATE HATE being unemployed! Ive had a few leads on jobs but its a sit around and wait game :( I sent the admissions director and assistant admissions director of UWG hand written thank you notes for interviewing me. Im hoping the personal touch reminds them of me and they hire me (please keep your fingers crossed). I also had an interview scheduled with Kids Peace about a month a go, but it had to be rescheduled. The thing is, they never called to reschedule it :( so Im calling them tomorrow to find a time to interview.

but the topic of this blog is TV. Becuase I dont have a job, Im not making any money, so to keep myself from spending $$ I dont have, I am staying in and watching A LOT of TV. I keep losing track of the shows I like to watch, and what night they're on, so I decided to take a piece of plywood and my new found love of chalkboard paint, and created this!

It hangs on the wall and I can change it when ever I need to. I have the show name, the time and the channel its on. It may be ugly but for right now I really like it. Im also going to show you some of the cute stuff I found at Target last night but I DIDNT buy... which was super hard.

I love love love this! You can put your own monogram in!

I wanted to get these shoes so bad! But even on sale I knew I didnt need them so I passed :( very sad


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