Monday, August 30, 2010

Blogger Award!

I am flattered and excited to have received my very first blog award! I received it from Hannah at The Pink and Green Prep (pop on over and check out her wonderful blog).

I have had this blog for over a year, but I took like 11 months off, so now that Im trying to blog full time, I have envied all the ladies with their wonderful awards. and now I have my own!

So I am suppose to write 7 things about myself then pass it on to 7 more wonderful bloggers. I feel like all I have been doing here lately is talking about myself not that I mind lol.

I am not 100% sure what else I can tell y'all about myself but I'm going to try :D

1. I have HUGE feet. I tried on a pair of size 10 boots the other day and my foot didnt fit, which really stunk because I really like them. I have always warn size 9 shoes, but these days it feels like my feet are growing. I wear flip flops every day, sun, rain, snow. It may be crazy but its true, and I wear men's rainbows because I have such big feet!

2. I chew gum like people smoke. I chew all the time because I have a self diagnosed oral fixation so I just keep chewing. I only chew mint gum, but I always love trying new flavors and brands.

3. I am terrible with money! My plan for when I get a job is to take $200 out of each weeks of pay and cash it and put it in an envelope so it wont be in my checking account to spend, and then at the beginning of every month I will have it to pay my bills and not worry I wont have enough money. 

4. I love love love theater! I considered being a theater major in college but I wanted to be employed when I graduated, so I chose a different path. I did my first play, The Teddy Bear Picnic when I was in pre K. It was actually the 1st grade play but the little girl who had the main role got stage fright so my teacher said I would do it, and I did! I did theater in middle school and all through High School and loved every moment of it. I haven't missed a show at my high school since I graduated.

5. I am not a preppy person, but I am working hard to make myself more like the amazing women I follow her on blogger. I dont dress preppy, partially because a lot of my preppier clothes dont fit, and because I dont always feel like its worth the effort to get so dressed. I am trying to become more preppy and southern belle ish. p.s. Lilly Pulitzer - of your reading this, please make plus sized clothes!

7. I adore Frank Sanatra! My roommate my freshmen year, JO (then JS) and I would listen to it for hours. She brought a big boom box to school, we would pop in the CD and swoon and dance and just be silly college freshmen to old blue eyes.

so now its my turn to pass this wonderful award onto 7 other amazing bloggers!

Piper Ellice at Tarleton West 
This wonderful blogger is rather new to the blogging world. She is a freshmen at GSU and I just cant wait to follow her through her new 4 years of college! I see great things for her

 Erica at E in the A
I am a new follower of Erica but she has the cutest blog and I cant wait to learn more about her!

I stumbled upon this blog a month or so ago and shes a wonderful blogger and I adore her posts!

Southern Belle at Southern Grace
I have been following this belle on twitter for ages, and I adore her! We had a tweet up and shes just as wonderful in person. Shes just getting her blogging feet wet but I think she deserves an award!

Katie's blog is always a great read! She is one of many who have inspired me to be more preppy!

This girl is my hair twin! We both have major thick, unmanageable hair! Love her!
She has been one of the most helpful women in getting my blog off the ground! Go check her out :)


lottie said...

I'm a mother of a big-footed girl so I can relate! :) Have you noticed shoes are being sized up lately? Or maybe it's just me but I *swear* I've been a size 9 since I was in 5th grade & all of a sudden I'm wearing 8 1/2! weird.
Chewing gum is one of my habits too...but lately I'm more of a sugar-free Altoid suckker! :)


Jordan Streetman (Southern Hospitality) said...

Yayyyy for a blog award!!! Thanks missy!

Sarah said...

Yay!! Thanks for my award. I'm trying to blog more. So thanks for reading!!

Sarah said...

Yay!! Thanks for my award. I'm trying to blog more. So thanks for reading!!

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