Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mid Week Laughs

I believe this weeks topic is about pets, and sadly I don't have one unless you could JAB

so right now what makes me laugh is reality TV

I lived for a year with out BRAVO, not sure how but I did, and now that  I have it I am OBSESSED! I have my TV tuned to 50 all day every day. I watch reruns and repeats, and I yell at the screen like these people can hear me. Top Chef always inspires me to go whip up something in the kitchen even though I really cant afford to. RHNJ makes my blood boil because of that major B**** Danielle. I am trying to get into RHDC but its on the same time as Project Runway so that comes first DUH!

Flipping out makes me want to organize my house, not sure why, but as soon as I decide to do it, I look around, get discouraged and go back to watching TV. Rachel Zoe's saying have gotten into my every day speech so "I Die" at everything and I am "bananas" for cute stuff! I need to incorporate "shut the front door" but I haven't picked it up yet. 

now the question is, what makes you laugh?


DSS said...

A year with Bravo?!?!?! Good lord child. How ever did you survive?? So glad you it's back in your life :) Seriously. I don't believe I would make it....

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