Sunday, August 8, 2010

wild weekend

well its Sunday night and I'm back at home in carrollton. I spent the weekend at my parents house in Atlanta, which was super fun.

on Friday night I went to one of my favorite places in Atlanta, the Shakespeare tavern :) I went with my dad and we saw Hamlet the Musical. I have been going to the tavern for 7+ years and its one of my favorite theaters, and Ive never not liked anything Ive seen there, but this time I was not entertained. The show was very long and just up and down with the pace and the tempo and the energy. By intermission I was bored and uncomfortable. I didn't even want a signature apple crisp. It was sort of an off night but at least the food was good. If you've never been to the tavern and are in or around Atlanta, go! They do amazing work 99.9% of the time and the food is amazing!

Then Saturday, a friend of mine, Ashley's fiance, Skyler came into town and we hung out. It was fun having someone from my old home to Atlanta :) he was such a good sport and helped me pick up some very nice IKEA furniture :) I got an amazing deal, $600 of furniture for $200 ( I love craigslist).

Then my mom and I went to IKEA (the store) and shopped around. Didnt buy anything but got an idea of what I need and what I can afford. Im pretty excited because if I get the job at UWG Ill be able to get the furnature soon and finish unpacking.

Then today my dad and I went to the hardware store, which is always interesting. I always feel silly at places like that, but I got a cute Michigan key for my new apartment :) Then my mom and dad and I went and had lunch at the Fox & the Hound. It was nice as it reminded me of london :) and the food was very yummy!

so now Im here, relaxing, thinking I should fix something for dinner. I did get some publix meal cards so hopefully Ill be making some new meals soon :)


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