Sunday, August 29, 2010


One of my favorite bloggers, Miss Southern Prep is hosting a give away celebrating 100 followers (go MSP). If you dont follow her blog, you should! Very cute! 

Now go sign up for her very 1st giveaway :)

 So the lovely Screen Door Prep is hosting an amazing giveaway for her 1 year blog anniversary *congrats to her* so go to her blog, A Note on the Screen Door and enter her giveaway!

so the lovely DC GOP is hosting a give away and I am, of course, entering it. Click here to enter it.

I need to read this book very badly! I will admit I am know getting on this manners, proper etiquette, preppy band wagon and NON of my RL (real life) friends are into it, so I think I shall be turning to books soon to lean all that I need to know. A few christmases ago, my mother gave me these :
But I have yet to read them (I promise I will soon). I also have the following books on my birthday wish list:

Everyone needs this, its the original

new and modern :) more up to date
help me with the fashion sense

So for all you classy, preppy southern and yankee women out there, what should I be reading?

p.s. what is a WASP? what does it stand for?


High Heeled Life said...

Hi there ...It stands for White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. Your redaing list looks fab. I just read Social Climbers - and it was a really great read. Beth Dunn has a blog called Social Climbers - you can find it here . I ordered my book diecrectly from her and she was so wonderful and signed it. I'm looking forward to the True Prep release in a month or so...

Hope that helped.. XO .. HHL

Miss Southern Prep said...

Good choices! I can't wait until my Christmas break when I can read Social Climbers! I enjoyed the G.R.I.T.S. Guide to Life by Deborah Ford.

P.S. I tagged you in tomorrow's post!

Screen Door Prep said...

Thank you for the lovely mention! I love your blog & am delighted to find it. You have a super reading list, & I must recommend American Wife by Curtis Sittenfeld. I am finishing it now, & it certainly has some preppy elements to is by the author of the novel Prep. =)

CT Cupcake said...

omy I need to read suddenly southern- I am a CT girl living in the south now going on 9 years. My first year was in south carolina and it was an eye opening experience! I too have a blog about it,

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