Monday, July 26, 2010

the wowes of traveling


so I was on # 20 of the 101 things about me blog post and my laptop died :( this has not been my day.

I left Caz at 2pm and as I was getting into my mom's friends truck and i nicked the side mirror of the car next to it. it was a very small nick, like one you could use touch up paint to fix and the owner flipped out. He demanded to see my drivers license and insurance (which i didnt have). It was outrageous! I appoligised and informed him I was visiting my grandmonther (his next door neighbor) and he was still as rude as can be! It was a very unplesent end to my nice trip.

The I arrived at the Rochester airport 2 hours early for my flight to find out it had been canceled. At least I was booked on a flight that left an hour later (6.30pm) but it still meant I had to sit in the airport for 3 hours alone. Then about 4.45pm Delta called me and informed me that my 6.30 departure had been moved to 7.58pm! so now I have been in this airport for 4 hours... not enjoyable. The wireless, though free, keeps dropping every 10 min.

the plan is to arrive in atl tonight at 10.15, power through the ATL airport and get home, then throw my suite case in the car and drive to carrollton. spend the night with JAB at his new place, then get up early and get my ulitlities (just electric) set up and get my lease signed at noon. then dash back to atlanta, grab dad and drive like a bat outa hell to statesboro to get the Uhaul and meet the movers at storage. then Ill either stay with a friend in statesboro (my apartment is no longer mine) or Ill drive back to carrollton that night and stay with JAB.

wed the big move begins. please pray for my back and my sanity and that all goes well!


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