Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to the New Girl

hey y'all

I have some super exciting news.... I made a friend! He lives in carrollton! I am soooo excited about this you dont even know! Just having someone to hang out with other then  JAB is an exciting prospect. Its not that I dont love him dearly or Im getting there, but being together all the time can be stressful. We fight a lot these days about stupid stuff because Im lonely and depressed and he doesn't understand why. Well my new Friends name is J****, but were gonna call him BG, Band Geek. He works at the same airline JAB works at and has a history degree from UWG. Hes very nice and funny and we get along great. Yay, my 1st friend!

so moving on to the point of this post, a few months ago you may or you probably dont remember I did a blog post about my friend D who got married and moved to Germany. Well today she started a blog! I am super excited to be able to read it and be supportive of her (shes having a ruff time) and I would love you ladies (and gents) to welcome her to blogging with open arms. Please go check out her blog and introduce yourself. She is an amazing women and I love her and miss her more then she knows!


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