Monday, July 26, 2010

the wowes of traveling


so I was on # 20 of the 101 things about me blog post and my laptop died :( this has not been my day.

I left Caz at 2pm and as I was getting into my mom's friends truck and i nicked the side mirror of the car next to it. it was a very small nick, like one you could use touch up paint to fix and the owner flipped out. He demanded to see my drivers license and insurance (which i didnt have). It was outrageous! I appoligised and informed him I was visiting my grandmonther (his next door neighbor) and he was still as rude as can be! It was a very unplesent end to my nice trip.

The I arrived at the Rochester airport 2 hours early for my flight to find out it had been canceled. At least I was booked on a flight that left an hour later (6.30pm) but it still meant I had to sit in the airport for 3 hours alone. Then about 4.45pm Delta called me and informed me that my 6.30 departure had been moved to 7.58pm! so now I have been in this airport for 4 hours... not enjoyable. The wireless, though free, keeps dropping every 10 min.

the plan is to arrive in atl tonight at 10.15, power through the ATL airport and get home, then throw my suite case in the car and drive to carrollton. spend the night with JAB at his new place, then get up early and get my ulitlities (just electric) set up and get my lease signed at noon. then dash back to atlanta, grab dad and drive like a bat outa hell to statesboro to get the Uhaul and meet the movers at storage. then Ill either stay with a friend in statesboro (my apartment is no longer mine) or Ill drive back to carrollton that night and stay with JAB.

wed the big move begins. please pray for my back and my sanity and that all goes well!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


hey y'all

I'm in upstate new york for my cousins wedding. It was amazing! so beautiful. I cried :) I'm trying to find photos but facebook and the Internet is being annoying.

BTW - I saw the Erie canal - very cool :)

so updates on my life - still haven't signed my lease at my new apartment and thus I can't get the power in my name, so when I get home from NY I need to sign the lease and get the power sorted out.

now Im hanging out with my new Aunt Phoebe and shes super wonderful :) shes invited me to come use her and my uncle mikes house in Marthas Vineyard.Shes a super match for our family and its nice to have another talker in the group :)

I am hoping to go out on Smitti VI today, my uncles boat, out on lake Cazanovia.

Gosh - so if you follow me on twitter I'm sure you've heard about my horrible roomie- well lets just say that she made moving out the most horrible experience ever! Im so glad to be rid of her and her mean dogs and her thieving ways - she stole $100 from my room which I had set aside to pay for gas this week (and she spent it on beer).

moving on - I had a job interview last Friday but when I showed up the women giving the interview (shes pregnant) had an emergency, so no interview. And I havnt heard from them since, which stresses me out. Im going to call them when Im back in town & try and arrange another time, hoping they havnt hired someone else.
well Im going to spend some more time with my grandmother here in Caz. I hope all of you are well

Now I will admit I havnt read Anyone's blog in over 3 weeks, so if anything big or new or exciting has happened - please comment so I know & can stay in the loop

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

JAB found a house!

well today I am pleased to announce that JAB has found a house and he will have somewhere to live in the fall - yay! He was looking for a house to buy but there wasn't much available that he liked in his price range and so he was planning on moving in with his neighbours, but he found a place this afternoon and put a down payment! I am very excited as this means he will have the master bedroom (no more sharing a bathroom with a bunch of college boys) and I will have more say in the house as I am dating the renter :) (I dont have a dishwasher at my new apt so Ill be able to use theirs & fill up his DVR with my shows)

I have been a slacker blogger and tweeter the last few days & I would like to say how very sorry I am. I have been very busy in atlanta with my family and my life got more hectic this morning when my mother announced that she was willing to buy me a plane ticket to fly to NY for my cousins wedding on july 24 (the day before I have to be out of my current apartment).

so now the plan is to move everything I own into storage by wed july 21, fly to NY on thu & stay till mon, fly back to atl mon then  come back to the boro on tue or wed, pack up a uhaul and move to my new apartment in carrollton. needless to say Im gonna be super duper busy!

But it is so worth it! I will do my best to keep tabs and post progress as I go, but I may forget so forgive me and know that I will blog again soon!

p.s. JAB just txted me this photo of the house... I hope hes kidding

Saturday, July 3, 2010

July 4th... Whats All the Fuss About?

well tomorrows the big day, the 4th of July

and as usual I am not excited, I don't have an outfit picked out, and I have no plans. Please don't have a heart attack, this is completely normal for me. The bottom line is I just don't do the 4th of July. I grew up over seas and I went to camps all over Europe in the summer so we didn't have a big celebration. maybe a few people would wear flag t-shirts, but that's about it. So when I finally had my first 4th of July here in the US I was a camp counselor. My girls were very excited and everyone wore red white and blue. we even had red white a blue grits for breakfast (the counselors all ate white grits as we didn't want to have blue or read mouths for the rest of the day). We had regular activities and that night we attempted to have a fire works show, but we managed to set the mountain on fire, so that was interesting.

Since that fateful 4th, I have run the peachtree road race most years then come home to nurse my blisters and eat leftovers. I have never been invited to a big BBQ or party. Last year I drove to SC to spend the holiday with my best friend Julie, and we went to her small town festival and watched the fire works. It was a lot of fun, but I still fail to see the point of it all.

I may sound unpatriotic, and to some extent I am. Growing up, being labeled an American wasn't always a good thing. People tended to assume we were loud and rude and annoying so we all did our best to blend it. We lost our accents (which I quickly regained when I moved back to the south - but I still don't sound "American") we would only hang the flag outside on special days, and we did not celebrate the 4th of July with fireworks and BBQ. Normally we would go to Italy for a week and often the day would pass by and we wouldn't even remember it.

So now, here I am, living in the US, the day before the 4th of July and I have nothing planned and I'm not excited. Please don't think that I don't support my country, I hold an American passport, but living overseas (off base / non military) kind of drains you of that all American gusto for the holiday. I have made my annual donation to our soldiers (Old Navy Flip Flops and gift boxes to my friends overseas).

Perhaps this year, with JAB with me, I will have a real fourth of July, and maybe not. But I wish you all a safe and fun holiday.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pink & Green

yay - I have 12 blog followers :) very excited to have you all :)

this is my first pink and green Thursday and Im not 100% sure what Im supposed to do, but most girls post pictures of pink and green things. I decided to theme them into my two favorite things, shoes & cake. enjoy!

so now that your salivating & craving some yummy cake, Im switching gears on you...

and just because Im IN LOVE with these:

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