Monday, August 30, 2010

Baby Drama

"hey JAB and I dont speak so I dont know when I would be able to get the present. Its real nice of you to get him something, but honestly if you had the receipt you could just take it back because most likely I will never see you and I dont want you to have wasted your money" -JAB's sister LB

The back story. LB is younger then I am, 22 and she has a 1 year old son. I have wanted to meet him because I love babies and I know how much JAB loves baby Landon. I went out and got him the cutest onesies and a little baby baseball set. I was invited to Landon's birthday but I couldn't attend because I had a wedding out of state.
I'm faster than you... and I crawl!

I got him the gifts as a way of introducing myself to JAB's family, as I have never met them. When I first moved to town I send LB a nice note via facebook saying how I was new in town and how Id love to meet her and have coffee. I was hopeful because I want to be close with JAB's family and the fact that LB and I are close in age, I thought we would at least be friends.

The issue is LB is married to a military man who lives in CT. They have been together a little over 2 years. When her husband was sent out on a one year mission on a sub, LB moved home and started dating this local guy. Now she acts like the new guy is her husband when she is not even separated. The husband was only out a week before he returned home, so he is fully aware of what his wife is doing.

So LB's new boy toy was nice enough to sell JAB a nice pool table for his new house. JAB had the check written out to him but LB insisted on getting it that day. Of course, she ended up washing the check, so it was destroyed. She promptly called JAB and demanded he drop everything and bring her a new check (an hour drive). Of course, he didn't have the time to do it so he said he couldn't. She flipped out and threatened to contact me and his ex gf and tell us that he was cheating on us (even though hes been broken up with the ex for a year) and threatened to tell his parents a bunch of lies about me, even though she has never met me.

JAB told me all of this and I was flabbergasted. And now this? I am amazed this women calls herself a southern belle, right on her facebook! No belle, no women with any decency would ever send that sort of email! Simply take the gift graciously for your son, and leave your family drama out if it! I am just so insulted and hurt, I dont even know how to respond!


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Do you read The Tale of a Northern Belle? (I believe she is @northernbelle01 on twitter.) LB sounds a lot like her boyfriend's psycho sister. You have two choices here- 1) either mail the gift knowing full well that you will not see a thank you card for it and just suck it up (this woman does not sound classy enough to me that she would actually write a thank you card for a gift for her son), or 2) just do what she says and return the gift and use the money to treat your fabulous self to something that you want or deserve. This girl just sounds like a load of trouble to me, and not like someone that you should want as a friend. I get the feeling that the more you try to play nice with her and be her friend, the more she will try to antagonize you and use her as a ploy in her crazy games. Just my $0.02.

Ruth said...

I would take her advise and return the gift.
If it is that important to you see if JB can drop it off at his parents for her to pick up.

It sounds like she is putting the whole family between a rock & hard place with her choices.

Screen Door Prep said...

Definitely not belle behavior, you're right. Sisters-in-law can certainly be as bad as mothers-in-law. My Prince's sister is not @ all a princess, & she has never even met our daughter - even though she came *to the hospital!* when she was born...she couldn't be bothered to go to the NICU to see her. & the one time she asked to come by to meet her @ our house, she called @ 11:20pm!!! when our daughter was only about five weeks old!

Oh, & she wore WHITE to our WEDDING! Aaa! LOL Good luck dealing w/ the nonsense!!

High Heeled Life said...

Oh my!! It is a difficult position you are in. There is nothing like an uhappy person to try and bring other people down.

From what you have mentioned she has alot to sort out for herself before she can be a friend to someone else. As for the outfit (too cute by the way)... you could ask your boyfriend to drop it off at his parents.

Perhaps JAB may consider taking you along to drop off the gift. His parents would get to meet you, get know you a little and discover how wonderful you are ... as you make their son happy.

Hope this helps...HHL

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!

Um, this definitely sounds like a sticky situation. I'd just have the BF drop it off and try to steer clear of the drama.

Hannah said...

You've been tagged!

*danielle said...

Just return the gift - she clearly isn't greatful and doesn't deserve a gift - even if it is for her son. Chances are, she'd just return them and take the cash anyways.

As for this woman, I am absolutely APPALLED that no sooner her HUSBAND sets sail she starts to date someone else. I have no respect for infidelity - and she knew damn well what she was getting into when she married him. If she wasn't willing to deal with deployment and being separated, she shouldn't have married him. I hope he dumps her ass when he's back from his sail.

...Sorry, it's just not very nice. Some women endure SO MUCH for their military men and others just walk ALL OVER THEM and it's not right! This woman doesn't deserve your cordial acquaintance and she's not somebody you want to associate with if she's causing THAT much drama and you've never even met her!

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