Friday, January 28, 2011


Thank God Its Friday! Right now, if this posts right Ill be asleep in my bed. My car will be packed all ready to head to statesboro as soon as I leave work at noon! I NEED this vacation soo bad!

I need to see these beautiful faces:


BS - I know, theres 2 of us. Soon to be Mrs. BD!

SW! Soon to be married to my friend AB (also half in the pic)

E! (sad I dont know his last name, brain fart)

PP in pink! Love this girl!

Miss SM! Twitter friend!
I havnt seen most of these people since I moved away, or since I was in the boro a few months ago for homecoming. AT invited me to come down because our favorite man was playing at oue favorite bar!

We are so excited to rock out to Brantly Gilbert!

I dont think Colt Fords gonna be there, but that would be awsome! Gilbert has written a lot of famous songs for bigger artists, and hes on his way up. Love him!

The on saturday, AT & BS & I are hauling butt to

River Street in Savannah Ga

Where we will get one or two or three of these:
Wet Willies Slushie
Then we will hope on one of these & tour around the city, sipping on our drinks, taking a ton of photos and laughing till our sides hurt!


And Sunday with AT's family means 2 things, church and sunday dinner. Mrs T makes sunday dinner like I dream of thanksgiving! This was the table last time I visited:



What are you doing this weekend? 


*danielle said...

Hubby's on standby, Bryce is living with us 'til he leaves for good... We got nothing b/c KR could get a call at any time, but at least we have some company. =) Hope you enjoy your trip!

Ruth said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Have a great time! It sounds like it's going to be an awesome time!

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