Monday, January 17, 2011

The Dating Game

I am single, you all know this. I also have 99 followers, so if your reading this and your not an official follower, please follow!

Now on to the main event, the dating game. I need your help finding someone, and since you don't all live in atlanta and we cant all go out for drinks, I'm going to bring the guys to you here. Each time I meet someone new, Im going to do a mini blog post all about him. Give him his fake name, a few details (all available to the public via is online site) and a photo. Ill probably say a little bit about personality etc. Then after the date, ill report back.

Ladies - if you do happen to live in the atlanta area, and you know one of these guys, please feel free to email me privatly. I am NOT doing this to make fun of anyone, but to get advice from people I trust. And I am a firm believer that you cant give good advice with out the facts.

Heres the first dating profle


Name: PB

Age: 33

Job: retail

Details:  Nice, funny, smart (college degree), understands me because we have a lot of things in common, anti-dating at the moment, or at least anti-dating me. Not a fan of the snow, and likes FSU.

Dates: had 1 really nice date at an italian place in town, 5+ hour date, lots of talking and such. Late Nov. Have hung out 3x since then, he took me to my company christmas party, ended in a 30 min make out session, we at pizza at my apartment one night and just talked, and before christmas he came over and we exchanged gifts.


Name: FF

Age: 25

Job: volunteer fire fighter and works for the city he lives in

Details: Has his own place and his own business (on hold atm). No college degree, he loves the outdoors & plans to be a camp counselor this summer if the house he's flipping sells in time. Has a dog names tucker. Spent a year out in colorado studying all sorts of outdoorsy stuff. Likes to run red lights to make his date (me) giggle. A OK with waiting till date #3 to kiss. 

Dates: Took me out, in spite of the snow and ice. Picked me up and everything. Went to a local irish bar, ate dinner, drank too much diet coke and just talked and laughed for 4+ hours. Asked me to come over for dinner on sat, but never called or txted. 


These are the 2 guys I have met so far that are even worth mentioning. I am planning to go to a speed dating thing tomorrow night (Im trying not to chicken out) and I have a sushi date on wed  

 and a dinner date on thu. 

Wish me luck y'all!


dreaming in pink and green said...

They're both adorable! We have the same taste in guys. but the first thing that came to my mind when I read that Guy #1 was anti-dating is...he's on a dating website, so if he doesn't want to date or says he doesn't, he's making excuses!

good luck girl!

Ruth said...

I find it weird that #1 is on a dating site but anti-dating. Both do sound like good guys.
Good luck on the dates this week.

*danielle said...

I will do what I know best: JUDGE PEOPLE! Yay!

Man #1: While this isn't as big of an issue to some as it is to me - at least at first. The fact that he is 33, has a college degree, and yet works in retail concerns me. What does he do? Because I know how easy it is to get stuck in retail for the rest of your life - and at 33, I'm guessing that's already happened. =/ I also don't like seeing that he's "anti-dating"... I don't like what I'm seeing here (for me at least), even if you had a good date.

Man #2: He's closer to your age, which means that you might have a lot more in common just by the general way life goes. Assuming what he says is true about being a volunteer fire fighter, wanting to start his own business, and wanting to be a camp counselor... That alone should show a lot about his personality and values. Ditto the waiting til the 3rd date to kiss. He didn't call or text about your next date, though, so that concerns me, too. If he comes around, I'd invest my time in him over the other guy - definitely - but I still generally don't trust people... Idk HOW I ended up married!

Sara Lang said...

I really like guy #2, but that's just me.

p.s. I'm your 100th follower!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Out of the 2, then I'd say number 2. If anyone tells you that their anti-dating then to me that's a red flag.

Angel said...

I wish I knew them! I'd love to help, I agree with Ruth and Dreaming in Pink and GReen... if 1's on a dating site, then he should be for dating..
I don't like that 2 hasn't called or txted... that's a no for me! Please keep us updated!

Sarah said...

So, guy #1 shows he can commit, follow through, and accomplish goals. He's working in retail which shows he's flexable. Probably makes decent money and gets killer discounts! I just hope he's in managment. He feels like a guy who goes with the flow and can wear both hats of going out and staying in. And y'all swapped Christmas which says to me, "You're worth my money and thought". But anit-you is a no go. I hope he's not playing the "Just Friends" card.

Guy #2 is so-so. He bounces around a lot, doesn't sound like he knows what he wants, a risk taker. Which is cool but there comes a point where odd-end jobs and risky investments can only go so far. And he canceled on plans with NO call or text. That is a NO-NO!! Dog is good but hope that's not all he's intersted in commiting too.


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