Saturday, January 22, 2011

First Date #563

well tonight I was suppose to go out to dinner and go bowling with my friend LR from highschool and my new friend JF from work, but they both had family emergencies.

So I drove to Tucker, like 30+ min from where I live, with traffic, to have "coffee" with this guy:


Mr Saki

We were suppose to meet for coffee, but of course he was late, 20 min, and when he got to starbucks he said it was too crowded. So we waled to this sushi place, where he told me he had already eaten dinner so he wasnt going to order anything but Saki, hens the name. I stuck with diet coke. 

We were there for a solid 2, maybe 3 hours. In that time he played with his phone, went to the bathroom 4x, laughed at the fact I was catholic, and pretty much made me feel like a moron. 

By the end of the "date" I was starving, as I didnt feel comfortable ordering food, was asked to pay for the meal (he joked that he forgot his wallet- the $15 bill). 

His sense of humor wasnt very nice and he had a very self indulgent, negative outlook on life, but other then that he was a nice guy. 

So of course, I didnt get a "thanks I had fun" txt or anything. Instead I got this:

We are definitely from different backgrounds. I think we're too far apart to attempt to date.

Good luck on here.


Well William - I would like to tell you that you are negative, rude and far from a gentleman. I dont wish you luck because you need more then luck to find someone who will accept your behavior. 

And, because I forgot all about Lee when I did my Lucky Charm post, this is ANOTHER one of my ex boyfriends who is now married. I am glad he found someone because I know this wouldnt have worked out. Here is his wedding photo:


and a close up of my ex, known as Twinkie:
Please dont judge me. He is the ONLY guy I have ever been approached by who asked me out in person, aka I didnt meet him online. 


*danielle said...

Sounds terrible, but this Mr Saki LOOKS like he's an asshole...

Ruth said...

What an ass.

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