Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lucky Charm

 I'm sure you've all seen this movie, Good Luck Chuck, or at least you've heard about it.

Well, today, thanks to face book I am living proof that not only is it true, but I am Good Luck Chuck.

Don't believe me? Let me present my case

Exhibit A

My 1st boyfriend, Philip. Dated for 6 months. He is now married with a baby (sorry, not friends on facebook so I cant supply photo. Wait, Im friends with his wife (please dont ask me why) on facebook. Jurors - a photo of the Happy family
Sorry, no wedding photo available. She was the next girl we dated after me

Exibit B:
After highschool I went to college where I met Chase. You might remember him, he abused me & set me on fire? Ya, him. This lovely image popped up on facebook today:
Yes, that is him proposing to his girlfriend, the one he dated after we broke up. I always wonder if he's ever told her what he did to me. I wonder if she would be with him if she knew. She did harass me on facebook once, lovely girl, if you know what I mean. 

After Chase, I had to transfer schools to get away from him. I wasnt strong enough to stay in school there and not be a part of his life. I didnt have any other choice. 

Exibit C:
Upon moving to statesboro I met the lovely (this time I mean it in the nice way) Stephen. Stephen treated me nicely, was kind, funny and smart. But when your fresh out of an abusive relationship, you dont know how to handle a normal one. So we broke up, I left him. This summer he married a wonderful young ladie and I cant wait to meet her

I love this wedding photo!

Exhibit D:
For the next few months I dated a bunch of, well losers. Mixed into that lot was one non loser, a mr Skyler. Skyler and I met at the comic book shop (please dont ask). We never really dated, but we kissed in a parking lot once (Ill never let him forget that). He is currently engaged to my roomate at the time, miss Ashley. They are getting married this summer, and I will be a bridesmaid in their wedding. 
They are too cute together. 

Exhibit E:
After that, Im trying to remember, I think Adam came next. Adam was older then me, he introduced me to the iPhone (thanks!) but he never wanted a committed relationship, at least not with me. He was too in love with his job to really care about me. He is now living with (his version of married) with his girlfriend and her kids (I follow him on twitter for movie tips). 

The next major love of my life was Ben. Ben was/is a pharmacist at Kroger in Savannah. Ever heard of the one who got away? Ben is mine. I dont know if hes engaged or married, but I can only hope he's happy. He deserves to be. 

Exhibit F:
Next came Cassey. Tall dark and handsome, Casey was the worlds nicest guy. Not the sharpest tool in the shed but still nice as can be. He & I lived too far apart and he got involved with the wrong sorta friends so we grew apart. Hes currently engaged to the girl he meet a few weeks after leaving me. 

I dated carelessly again after this, loser after loser after loser. 

Exhibit G:
After about a year of a string of losers, I met Blaine. Not only was he from Atlanta, 1/2 a mile away from where I lived, he went to schools at SCAD so he was close to me at school. It was a great 6 months other then he was embarrassed to date me, so we were "just friends". He loved hanging out with my friends and family, but he never introduced me to any of his. Never wanted photos of us on facebook, lets just say his mom wanted him to be dating a size 6 model. After we broke up, he met a lovely girl named Emily. He loves her, is proud to be seen with her, and is planning to propose this summer. 


And finally, Exhibit H:
And most recently there was JAB, aka Jeffery. We only broke up a month or so ago, but he's already told me about the new girl he's seeing. Shes a lot like me, but skinnier & a true American. This doesnt surprise me at all. *Just noticed that in the 11 months we dated, he never once had a photo of us as his profile picture*

I didnt sleep with all these guys, a few yes, but I did kiss them all, & I did love them all with all my heart and soul. They we're my everything and now they have all found their penguin, their soul mate, the one that they want to be with forever. Was it me, science would say no, but sometimes one has to believe in faith and the course of true love. 

Ladies and Gentlemen (I know theres only one or two of you) of the jury, aka my readers, you may draw your own conclusions based on the evidence presented. 

***I double checked and I deleted all last names. I also emailed each person in this post a link to the blog, so they knew they were featured on here. No one commented about their last names, so I didnt notice***


Crystal said...

ooooooh girl. this same thing happened to me. two guys that i dated seriously (one off and on for over a year, who was also my FIRST, and the other who was on and off for about 6 months) both ended up married with babies within a couple of months after we broke up.

it sucks. it hurts really bad to see the guy you cared about so much about- and wanted to commit to- committed to someone else. it's a complete blow to your self esteem.

BUT. it gets better. i'm telling you, when you meet the right person, all of that crappiness just fades away. you wonder why it even hurt so much when they clearly weren't the right guy for you. AAAAAAND you will find that right guy. it WILL happen. believe THAT!

*danielle said...

Ok, I dunno about the "lucky charm" thing, but I definitely want to see that movie now! (We are so behind on our movies being overseas, hah.) But, I can understand your frustrations, too. I know you cared about them all, and it sucks seeing somebody you cared about so much moving on with their lives, but can you honestly say that you'd be happy with some of them if you did end up with them? I hadn't heard about all of them, but obviously some of the stories about the guys you were with were not relationships that were GOOD for you, and you know that. Guys who abused you, took advantage of you, or were embarrassed to be seen with you were obviously not guys girls want to marry. And only God knows the reason for all the "good guys" getting away. Just keep in mind that God will bring an even BETTER guy around that will totally make all the rest pale in comparison... You'll see. Just keep the faith. =)

DSS said...

I've felt that way before. Like I break up with someone, and then they get engaged. When will it be my turn?

But do you know what? Looking back (and it's been quite a few years since the first few), I realize that had we ended up together it would have been a mess. I say that you may be good luck for these guys....but soon enough your good luck charm is going to show up, and you will NOT let him get away :)

Stephen said...

Well, IDK if you are a lucky charm, but you are a special person who WILL fin the right one. Trust in God, and He will lead you in the right direction. Trust me. I know.

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