Sunday, January 23, 2011


Well after last nights... events... I came home, and got on Etsy.

Do you use Etsy? I only learned about it recently and now its my go to, bored nothing to do, shouldnt spend any money but I know I will site.

Here are a few things Ive gotten in the last few days:

Calling Cards to use this weekend in Savannah & Statesboro! How cute!

Finally got a monogram for my car :) 

for $1.20 I couldnt resist buying these

With my parents address and my name, so I can use them while Im here
And of course the more you buy, the more you want to buy. So here are a few things Im thinking about:

Might order these today as well, just veru funny

Love the idea of these calling cards

Might get these for my blog, so I can give them to people when they ask

Love this!

Might do these for my bog as well

These are car stickers, thinking of these for my engaged friends
What do you buy on Etsy? Do you have your own store? 


Laura said...

I'm loving all those cute cards!

{av} said...

Love etsy but I don't have my own store {though I've thought about it!}...gotta love all those sweet calling cards! have a happy sunday! xoxo {av}

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love etsy!! I've been looking at a lot of jewelry on there!

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