Monday, January 24, 2011

I Need Your Help

Ive had this blog for a while now. Im sure more then a year. And I love it - I love all the support and love I get from all of my readers and I love reading your blogs.

Ive decided its finally time to give this blog a make over! Like a proper makeover, with a blog design and button and everything. Now I dont have a tone of cash to spend, like $30, but Im willing to advertise for the designer.

What I need help with is finding a designer. I looked on ETSY but IDK which listings are for what. Do you know of a designer who could help me out?


Kelly said...

I don't know of anyone that does blog desgins but if you find someone please let me know. I haven't looked yet but I was thinking that my own blog needed to be spruced up a little. I did leave you an award over at my blog.

Angel said...

lol We just talked about this over email! But in case anyone else was looking She did my blog and I LOVE it, also her prices are REALLY good.

Jen said...

I used Sweet Simplicity Designs Blog for mine.

She was reasonably priced too. I just asked for a few extras.

Her link is on the bottom.

Cute blog by the way!

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