Monday, January 17, 2011

Snow Day Confessions

I have a confession to make, remember that dating hiatus I was on. Well last week I got stuck inside for 2 days (2 entire, no leaving the house at all day, days).  My brother, the charming young man that he is, took over the ONLY TV in the house that had my DVRed shows on it and my laptop had been dead for a while, so all I had were a few books, leftover from high school in my bedroom, netflix, which was getting boring and the Internet thanks to my parents computer circa 2001. Its So old and So sow.

Enough on the lame computer, I was BORED! Like cabin fever effecting my brain bored! After surfing every site I could think of, doing some online window shopping and tweeting every 6 minutes, I ended up on my old favorites, dating sites.

Of course I had no messages, so I went back to checking my email every... 3 min. Nada. Not even spam! IDK how that is because every other day of the year I get 1,000,000 spam messages.

So after hours of doing nothing, I decided to go back to the dating site and send a few messages. Just a few, like 3 or 4. I figured that other people would be snowed in and maybe someone would like to just chat, nothing more.

So I sent a few messages, wondered away, got something to eat (of course, my parents, being yankees, didnt think the stores would close because of 6 inches of snow so we we had NO food).

so I trudged back to the basement and opened the dating site... whole lotta nothing.

so after trolling around on craigslist and ebay and etsy some more, i went back to the sites. I had a few messages. nothing out of this world amazing, but Im pretty sure I would have talked to a brick wall I was so bored.

so then it began, I stared messaging and talking and it was fun and nice. so I send another message and got a few back (its a vicious cycle).

so I got a few #s, been txting back and forth.

I did go out to dinner with one guy, Id call it a date but... idk. Lets call him FF. sound good? he picked me up, he had 4x4 so he could drive on the ice easily. This was tue by the way. He picked me up and we went to a local Irish pub, it was like the only place that was even open.

We had fish and chips and diet cokes and we just talked and talked and talked. He picked me up about 7.30 and he dropped me off at home at 12.45, so it was a long date. We laughed and shared stories. Lots of things in common. No kissing though, not till the 3rd date or after.

so on Friday he txted me and asked me to come over to his house sat night, he and his dog would make dinner. I agreed.

So sat roles around nothing! no txts, no calls, nothing. I dont get it, we had great chemistry. I know hes off work tue & wed so Im gonna give him a call tonight and leave it at that.

But all this has got me thinking... I could do a blog post about each guy I go out with, with some basic facts, before and after the date thoughts etc. get y'all, my advice panel to weigh in and tell me what you think.

Good idea? Bad idea? At this point its just an idea, a thought, but it might help me weed out the guys who arnt good for me...

**sorry for the lack of photos... Im getting the hang of my new mac and i can figure out how to copy and paste photos***


Mrs. Jones said...

I love hearing about your dates, just don't post info you don't want out there! So odd that he never said anything about Saturday. Keep us updated!

Ruth said...

That is so weird that you didn't hear anything else.
I am not good at giving advise I don't know the last time I had a date. But I will live through you.

DSS said...

Check you out miss thing!! Speed dating was a hoot when I did it. I did actually meet a nice guy though. Can't wait to hear how it goes for you :) AND...a dinner date and sushi date? Woo hoo!

I say ditch Mr. Can't Be Bothered to follow-up regarding Sat night dinner. Yawn. Also, PB. File him under "friend" right now. Looks like you have plenty of other opportunities!

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