Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Semi Wordless Wednesday

 Semi Wordless Wednesday Hosted by Flip Flops and Pearls

So Ive mentioned that I've been on a few dates, so I wanted to tell y'all all about them! On Saturday I had a date with this sexy sister:

Miss GSU herself! Miss GSU & I are sorority sisters, but we didn't cross paths in college, as she was graduating when I rushed. But thanks to twitter, we connected. And what an amazing sister! We have a TON in common and I see myself becoming a much more loyal GSU fan :) She was my amazing Saturday date!

On Monday, for Valentines day, I took this Lovely Lady, LR to dinner:


This is a photo of us from a while back. LR & I have been friends since my very first day of High School... some 10 years ago! Shes one of my oldest and dearest friends and I loved spending singles awareness day with her! 

And Tuesday I had a very messy, but yummy dinner with 

Mrs Manis. We also met via twitter and she lives very close by! She is 2 days older then me and a wonderful women! I cant wait to see where our new found friendship goes. 

So I had 2 first dates and a long term relationship date, so I'm getting around, but in the best way!


Bella Michelle said...

Love those GSU pictures!!! LOL So glad you have been having a great time with new and old friends!

daphne ⧼flip flops and pearls⧽ said...

Thanks for linking up!

Dang, you do get around, lol, JK!

Looks like you have been a busy bee having a great time:)

*danielle said...

SHUT UP! We did NOT start high school 10 years ago! I refuse to accept that!

PS: Glad you had fun!

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