Monday, February 28, 2011

Feel The Burn

So this is totally me, I txt like a fiend and my thumbs are super strong. But tonight I joined a gym. A real, honest to God, gym. lol. I kind of cant believe it myself, but the offer of $15 a month + $10 for tanning was too good to pass up. And its 24/7, so theres no excuse not to go... 

So I'm going to have to figure out a GTC (gym tanning chiropractor) schedule. And a way to hold myself accountable here on my blog. Not sure how yet, but ideas would be awesome. 

So now theres the all important, what to wear to the gym. lol. I have a very small workout clothes wardrobe, I will not lie. I swam in high school, so my "work out" clothes were easy, a swim suite. I had like 30 suites - it was crazy. But I would wear 2-3 when I was practicing to create drag. Do you do this at the gym? I am totally clueless. 

So heres what I think I'll wear on wed or thu, when I go work out for the first time:


I have no idea if this is "cool" or whatever, but I figure it will work for the first couple of visits.

gym by Bridget19 on


Sarah Wyland said...

Yay for joining a gym! I have a workout room at my apartment complex I just moved into - got to hold myself accountable to go to that, lol. Good luck!

*danielle said...

Create a rewards system of sorts - I would say "food" but that my contradict your working out, haha. Perhaps... You can ONLY blog the days you work out? Or... you can only listen to your ipod when you work out, or something weird like that. Idk if either of those are possible, as it has to be a challenge but not so out of reach you get discouraged.

But anyways, good for you - and great price, too!

Ruth said...

Pick a day to update what you did and what you would like to see for the next week.

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