Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pinktastic Swap!


So I did another Mamarazzi swap, and this one was pink themed! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Here is my box from the Angel:

1. A photo frame with a wonderful southern quote
2. chocolate & flowers
3. Three wonderful southern books! Already reading the GRITS book
4. More chocolate
5. A beautiful hair clip
6. Mint chocolate coffee & hot chocolate
7. Micky mouse pop
8. Cute note pad
9. Yummy lotion & body spray

And I got a super cute coffee cup which is in the dishwasher washer atm

check out her partners sweet blog:


Mamarazzi said...

wow she really put together a sweet and thoughtful package for you. love it!

Anonymous said...

awesome swap! i just did a post on the southern belle primer!
my roommate and i tried growing those same flowers, maybe you will have better luck than us!

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