Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dear Concerned Blogger

I just got this LOVELY email from a reader:

Atl Yankee Belle,

Your recent posts are absolutely appalling. Why in the world do you think it is okay to post pictures of people without their consent? Honey, what you're doing is called libel and not something to mess with. How would you feel if you found out that someone was posting pictures of you and comments about your character WITHOUT your consent?! It is totally class-less and you should consider deleting those posts, ESPECIALLY the ones where you post full names and pictures of them with significant others and children. 

You seriously need to reconsider your blogging style.

-A Concerned Blogger

Im sorry you dont like my blog, but its exactly that, MY BLOG! I havnt posted anyones full name or information. I havnt slandered anyone, Ive told the truth. All those guys I dated, they're good guys, but they went for me, and thats OK. Yes, it hurts sometimes knowing they found true love after leaving me, but such is life. 

Im not using my blog to put anyone down, or even to lift myself up. Im using it to get my feelings out, to make new friends and to just deal with my life. 

Now before you go saying "you have a job & a place to stay etc", I know that. I live a good life, I have everything I need and a few things I want. The stuff that I have to deal with is in my own head and in my own heart. 

I dont have girlfriends to confide in, my parents aren't interested in listening to me, I really dont know who else to talk to but this big open world wide web. 

When I post about someone, I dont do it out of spite, or to be unkind, I do it to make a point, or to explain something. If I was to be contacted by someone who has been hurt by my blog, I apologise and have tried to make amends. Many, if not all, of the people who have been featured here on my blog were told about the post and given the address. They have seen it. I havnt been asked to remove anything. 

If you dont like what I post, or the way I do my blog, then I invite you to not read it. I dont write it for you, or even for my readers, I write it for me. In the last 6 months that I have been seriously blogging I have received more support and love then I could have ever imagined. This is the first piece of hate mail I have received. 

I do wonder, dear concerned blogger, why you didnt use your name in the email. If you have something to say, say it, with your name. Just like I do here on my blog. 

As to your remark about how I would feel if someone did it to me, I know how it feels. Ive had entire sites dedicated to making fun of me, putting me down and abusing me. I take care to do NONE of those things on here. 

And just as a tidbit of info, I am getting a blog makeover soon and all my "dating & relationship" style posts will be under their own tab, so if you dont like them, you wont have to read them. 

p.s.  maybe you've never been through a really ruff period in your life. maybe its always been peaches and cream for you, but it hasnt been like that for me. I get that you feel like your being nice, and showing concern, but to me, your just putting me down and making me feel worse about myself, if thats even possible.  I'm not even sure Im going to keep this blog going anymore... I feel like the support has been ripped out from under me, like all my readers think Im a bitch bc I mentioned other people besides myself in my blog. 

this blog was suppose to help me get through the dark days, and celebrate the good ones, but what it really is is open season on me. I spill my guts to complete strangers and they judge me, some good some bad. 

so to my concerned blogger, you have just turned an ok night into a devastating one. Im going to bed now, alone, to cry until maybe the hurt eases just a little bit. 


The Southern Lady said...

Good evening from Tokyo!

As a fellow blogger, a mom, and a sister, I think finding an outlet to express yourself is a wonderful, imporatant, thing. Blogger is specifically here for that purpose. You are helping yourself navigate through different events in your life, and in the end, if you've learned from past experiences and walked away learning new things to help you by documenting them, then good for you.

Take heart and take care.

Sending thoughts and prayers...



*danielle said...
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*danielle said...

Anytime you write ANYTHING online, it is subject to criticism. This blog should be treated no differently than a diary - you're entitled to your pictures and opinions (within reason, of course, we all know threats and the like online are off-limits), but like you said - you mentioned no full names or any kind of information that compromises the "guys." You Stated your experiences with them and showed a picture of them for your real friends (such as myself) to see... It is no different than sending me an email with the same information. As long as the personal info stays off (which you are VERY careful about) then what's the problem? Someone can whine all they want on their OWN blog, it's not like you go to other people page's, leave comments, and whine about your life there. (Not saying you're whining, I never saw it that way - I am pretty sure I complain more than you do, but hey, it's my blog. I'll whine if I want to.) There are people out there who simply like to cause problems, and thrive on the attention they get when they cause "issues" in an online world. Don't continue to feed this bitch, she/he just WANTS to upset you even more by it. As you said, it's your blog, your experiences, and you don't have to cater what you write to anyone except for yourself.

Dear "Concerned" Reader: You are entitled to your opinions, but no one said you had the right to SHARE them, especially at the expense of someone else. Also, pulling the grammar/spelling card as an argument point online is rather lame... Because, honestly, no one cares about either until a "fight" begins. If you want to argue: stick to the forum world, and leave personal bloggers alone. Also, you're not REALLY concerned about this writer, so I don't quite know why you chose that as your pseudonym.

Ruth said...

I don't see that you have done anything wrong. You don't mention their full names and express your feelings about the date.
Don't let one person's opinion get you down.

Sarah said...

Honey! I think you are such a brave and bold person for posting your thoughts, feelings, and opinions for anyone and everyone to read. I am sorry that you have a hater who doesn't understand blogging as an outlet. Please don't stop doing what you do because I love reading your blog.



Preppy Girl Meets World said...

I know that it is your blog and your corner of the internet, but I have to say, that I agree with the poster who sent you that email. (No, that was not me.)

Things like online privacy and confidentiality concern me greatly and I have always been worried about the ever-changing facebook privacy settings. I like to be able to control who sees pictures of me, and whatnot. I have to say that had I found my picture and a story about me and my life on an ex's blog without my permission, I would have been incredibly angry and offended. I was surprised by your post, not by what you wrote, but by the fact that you posted all of their pictures.

Just my two cents.

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