Thursday, February 17, 2011

7 Years Ago Today

In 2005, on feb 17, I had my very first date. I was 18 years old. I remember every moment of it. I went to dinner with him & my mom & my sister (I know, super romantic) at a restaurant down by the Fox Theater. He wore white sneakers. They were ugly. lol. Then we went and saw a show at the Fox. We held hands through the whole show and during intermission I got my very first kiss.

It seems like a million years ago, and Im pretty sure that was the high point of that relationship, but regardless of that, I still have a fond memory of this day.

Do you remember your first date? Your first date? Your last first date? Your last first kiss?


BroncoMom said...

How sweet your first date memories are....
I do remember my last first date with my husband. It was one of the best dates I ever went on. Seems like a few weeks ago but actually it was 24 years ago, My how time flys.....

The Defunct Curator said...

This is a cute post. It had me thinking about the last time I was at the Fox Theater, which was a couple weeks ago.

My first kiss was wrapped up in the curtains backstage at a theater where I was in a play. A boy wanted to "teach" me how to stage kiss, but just kissed me instead. He's gay now, but the memory is still awesome.

*danielle said...

I do - it was like a month before yours? In the back of the theater.. haha, but I refuse to acknowledge that I ever wanted to kiss my ex! Yuck!

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