Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Date #564

Well when this post posts, if blogger agrees with me, I will be at dinner with this guy:

We're going to call him....

Well I dont know yet, we've talked a little bit, but hes not much of a phone or txt guy... might not be the one for me, but hes nice. I guess we'll call him Mr Nice until I come up with a better name. lol.

Heres the low down on Mr Nice

Name: Mr Nice

Age: 31

Occupation: not really sure

Hes nice, kinda quiet, a little nerdy. But hes a sweet guy. Im not sure we'll be a good match, but we've been trying to meet up for dinner for a while. We've been chatting about a month, so the fact that I cant tell you much about him speaks volumes, but you never know, ya know... lol

He told me to pick the place, so Im going to be using my trusty Scoutmob app :)


Truth be told theres another guy Ive been chatting with for a few weeks, I havnt mentioned him on here, I guess Im trying not to jinx him. He has expressed a desire to meet, but with out actual plans, Im leaving him out of my blog. But when & if he does ask me out, Ill be sure to update yall. 

So dear boy, if your reading thing, you should ask me on a proper date. Im cute and funny and I promise it'll be a fun evening :)

**** UPDATE*****

Blogger must be on a completely different time frame from me, because this was suppose to post at 8.15pm and its now 10.15 and it still hasn't posted... weird. 

well on went on the "date", which was fine. Mr Nice was just like his name, nice. He likes his job, he talked a lot about it, about his friends and his new place. 

But there was no spark. Decent conversation, but I just couldn't see myself dating him. He'd been engaged 2x before. I just kinda felt like maybe I'd just be #3. 

I am excited about this weekend, Im going to church where Im hoping to join the Life Teen group and become a core member. Im really excited about this. 

I'm also thinking of joining weight watchers, has anyone else done WW? What did you think? 


The Southern Lady said...

Good afternoon from Tokyo!

I'm glad you had a nice time with Mr. Nice, but your instincts could have been right on. At least he was brave enough to be forthcoming about his previous engagements. That really *does* make him a nice guy.

Take care and enjoy your wonderful weekend!



*danielle said...

My sister did WW's points system and it was a really, really good system. Even Dr. Oz suggests it, lol, because it teaches how to made good, healthy decisions, rather then just starving yourself losing some weight, and then gaining it all back. Anyways, it takes some discipline BUT she really did lose a lot of weight. She also joined a gym and takes a martial arts class. She is also older, so losing weight is presumably harder for her based on her age alone. I definitely suggest it though; she's done a great job with it.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm glad you had a good time!!

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