Monday, February 7, 2011

My To Do List

This week I am not going to just come home and do nothing.  Im making myself a To Do list and I am going to do it all!

1. Join a gym - I have 2 to pick from, so Im going to decide this week

2. Return christmas gifts - anything thats local, Im going to return them this week

3. Clean out my desk at work - bring home old magazines, books I've read etc

4. Bake some cookies - everyone loves cookies

5. Stop in at the weight watchers place by disco Kroger - see if its something I might be interested in

6. Make a budget for myself - no more willy nilly spending

7. Pray - I need to figure out if God wants me to be a core member at St Anns

8. Manicure, pedicure, brow wax - I look zombie like

9. Clean my room - at least an hours, just get it a little more livable

10. Sign LR & I up for the Dip n Dab in Feb.


Preppy Girl Meets World said...

what's Dip n Dab?

*danielle said...

Pretty good list. I really need to start this whole list-making/goal-making thing again. (I have a list for today, but things like "put laundry away" get pretty boring when their on the list every day... HAH!)

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