Friday, October 1, 2010

Venting Post

so you have been warned by the title, this is a venting post

and this post is dedicated to JAB because right now I want to cry and stab him all at the same time

Lets start from the very begining, a very good place to start....
JAB and I went on our first date about 9 months ago. He picked me up from my parents house and we went and had coffee. Then we swung by my highschool where I showed him the football field and the place where I have many fond memories, the theater wing. Then we went to church. Not just any church, my catholic church. He has known from our very first date how important my highschool is to me and how important my church is to me.

And yet, on this weekend of my highschool homecoming and my highschool reunion, these things seem to have slipped his mind. He was fired lost his job last week which was his own fault which came as a surprise, so now he is on the hunt for a new one. He applied to a local sporting goods store and set up an interview for saturday at 2.30. After that he announces to me that he wont be making it to my homecoming game. Mind you, this event has been on the calendar for months! Months! And he tells me maybe 3 days before that he wont be making it and coincidentally his roommates are throwing a huge party at their house Friday night.

To say that I am upset and hurt that he is missing the game is a major under statment. But now, because he has chosen not to go, I have no one to attend the game with. Most of my highschool friends are not in town, and those who are are busy, so I was planning on going with JAB. That plan is no longer going to work. And my parents are out of town so I cant even go with them. I really dont want to go to the game alone, but I dont want to miss it. Dilemma, dilemma,dilemma, and then there is what to wear.

So JAB is planning to drive to atlanta on saturday, after the interview, just in time to attend my reunion with me and LR (HS bff). I already know that LR is weary of meeting yet another one of my boyfriends, so when I asked JAB to be on his best behavior and at least give her the impression that he adores me, he scoffed. Let me tell you how excited I am for them to meet NOT!

So now that I am considering not going to the homecoming game so I wont have to be alone at it, I thought that maybe JAB and I could ride to atlanta together (read this as I will be driving and JAB will be playing on his phone the entire time and not helping with gas).

So I called him at 12.20pm when he was just waking up this morning to discuss plans. I said I would stay and drive tomorrow and he said that would be good, he wanted a quite night home alone Im guessing he thinks I dont know about the huge party tonight. So then he told me that he needed to be home by 3pm on sunday. I asked him why and he said he wanted to say goodbye to his friend CR who has been at his house for 4 days strait playing video games and JAB is making it seem like hes going to war. Needless to say that would mean we would miss mass on sunday, being said by my favorite priest from highschool, Father Lopez.
When I did go as far as to mention that I wanted to attend mass and the reception and the open house, sunday early afternoon, JAB was totally against it. He said "Im not catholic so I shouldnt have to go" and I could think was "Im not a UGA fan but I support your team and if you ever invited me to a game which you wont I will go dressed to the 9s supporting you".

It makes my blood boil that he is acting like going to mass and a small reception and maybe touring my highschool is such a terrible painful event. I just want to punch him! I MOVED to this city to be closer to him, I gave up all my friends in statesboro to be closer to him, and he cant manage to not be a jerk for one VERY important weekend for me?

This is all coming on top of the fact that I will no longer be getting a graduation gift from him (fly for free with airtran for a year), which means I will not be able to visit my family over the holidays or visit my friends who I miss so much.

To say that I am hurt and upset and annoyed is such an understatment. I have been looking forward to this weekend for months! I have had such a hard 7 weeks being in this town, with no friends or job, not going out to the bars to let of a little steam because JAB doesnt go out. I am litteraly about to scream I am soooo frustrated.

And he just texted me and said he would go to mass on sunday. I feel like a roller coaster, but not in a good way.


*danielle said...

Ok, boys who cause drama = bad news. I've only known a few of those in my life, and most of them end up pissing everybody off at some point when we all get together - and then tend to ignore us at every other part of the year. (Ok, I've known like 1, from college, and he can be REALLY awesome sometimes and really annoying others) But I mean, if he knows this is so important to you, then he should absolutely NOT be blowing this off for a stupid drinking party that no doubt will happen next weekend, too. Especially factoring in all the stuff you crossed out, he really doesn't sound like a great guy. =/ I really hope things get better...

On a different note, wasn't LR going to the football game?

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