Saturday, October 9, 2010

Change of Weekend Plans

so wensday was my birthday and it was ok. I stayed at JABs place when I wanted to stay at mine. I took a reall long shower which was nice, and tutored, which is always fun. Then I came home and was ready to go to dinner at 6 (most restaurants in town close at like 9, so you have to eat early) but JAB wasnt ready till 8 so we went to O'Charlies because he was craving potato soup, I wanted Mexican. Then we went to the movies where we saw The Social Network but I wanted to see Easy A.

Tonight we were suppose to have this:

But everyone all 3 people who RSVPd went out of town, so theres no point in going alone.

I was invited to go to the UWG game and a Phi Xi tailgate, but I couldnt afford the $10 game ticket, so my friend was trying to find an ID to borrow. No such luck, so I was uninvited to the event :(

I was hoping my birthday weekend would be full of

sorry - my computer has no memory left so I cant even put photos on my blog. Well I was hoping my birthday weekend would have some cake, and some friends, and some dancing, and some drinks and some fun. But the plans are now - stay home, clean, watch TV alone.

Hope your having a more fun weekend then I am


Mrs. Jones said...

Oh sweetheart! Wishing you a weekend full of rest and rejuvenation! Do some good for you things! GIve yourself a face mask, mani pedi at home.... Take time for you! Blog your little heart out too! That always helps me!

Cap Creations said...

Being alone is priceless! You'll learn that one day if you ever have childern (just saying)!

Check out this lovely video, you might take something from it! :)


BelleinBows said...

Girl! Don't make me come to ATL and take you on a night out on the town. However, time alone may be fun too. Have some coffee, and enjoy a lifetime movie that JAB would not want to watch.

Ruth said...

Sorry you arne't having the birthday weekend you wanted. Sit back and just relax tonight.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Easy A is really great! If you do get a chance go see it! I haven't seen the Social Network though.

*danielle said...

It's your birthday - you do what you want!!! Go get your Mexican food, and see the movie you want to see, and stay where you want to stay! Keep your chin up, things will get better!!!

DSS said...

I'm so behind, and trying to play catch up...but I just wanted to say...wish you were closer! It's stinks when plans don't work out as you want them too, and I'm sorry that happened for your birthday. But...just remember, sometimes we have to have birthdays that aren't just perfect so that we can REALLY appreciate the ones that are! I'm betting on next years. I'm betting that next years b-day is going to be just perfect :)

I hope you still had the chance to enjoy YOU, and to smile a bit too!

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