Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wedding Wensday

Love this photo, the big skirt is just what I want

I want a photo like this, on the stairs

This would be a cute idea


Disney wedding dress

Not sure about the skirt... but I like the idea

Love the skirt

I want a super long train

Love love love this!

Photos on stairs make me happy

Horse and carriage is a must

adore this photo

riding off into the sunset

Not sure about getting married on stairs...

I die!

Love the lights on the bushes

Love love love this photo!

love the top

long train is a must


more drama
Love fun wedding jewlry
big catholic ceremony is a must
fun colors
look at this train!

love this


*danielle said...

The one thing about dresses that I personally didn't like seeing (and that's apparently very popular right now) are all the (for lack of the real words) the pull-ups in the bottom half of the dress. Now, SOME of them actually look really good, and others really don't at all, so it just depends - but if it's not working, I saw a lot of girls who tried them on who ended up just looking... well, HUGE because of them! Also, I really wish I'd had the girls get blue dresses instead of yellow. =/ It just seems like way too much blue at the time... Hm, I really need to make a "recap" wedding post...

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Great photos! I love the green cake!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I love the idea with the shoes!!! So cute!

Cool Gal said...

So beautiful. I love the necklace with the crystals. Pretty.

The dresses are gorgeous. I think a long train is a must. Classic.

The black and white image of the couple kissing is my favorite. I wish I had a similar photo (Everything was so "staged" when I got married.).

Happy Wednesday!

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