Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I've been me for 24 years

so today is my birthday, and right now I bet I'm asleep in bed. I decided I would take today off, no jobs applications, no blogging, no nothing. Just having a nice relaxing day for a change. So I'm doing one of these pre-planned posts (I hope it works!)

I saw that Pink Lou Lou did a post about her birthday so I decided to take her idea :)

23 things I will remember about being 23

1. I graduated from college this year! I have dreamed of being a college grad for my whole life and I finally did it. I wore that stupid cap and gown and sat around for hours listening to names. I walked across the stage, I didnt trip. My mom cried, my dad was thrilled because it meant he was paying less tuition, and JAB wore a UGA shirt to my GSU graduation (not cool).

2. I learned the hard way who my true friends are. I had some ok girl friends in college and this year they showed their true colors and I had to cut them out of my life. It was really hard because I didnt want to lose friends, but they wern't true friends. I realized how wonderful my true friends are!

3. I got back on the twitter and blogging wagon and it has been one of the best things I have done. I have met some of the most wonderful people ever through these two forms of social media.

4. JAB took me to NYC. I wont ever forget that trip, even if JAB and I dont last, I had a wonderful trip there and some wonderful memories.

5. This is the year I went, or at least tried to go blond. I will never do it again, because its so hard to go blond when you have dark hair, and it was a bit of a mess.

6. I gained another 30lbs this year, which is bad. I need to start on a good, fun, workout routine. I would like to try Zumba.

7. This is the year I left my sorority. I was abused and harassed by girls in my chapter, and instead of turning them into the proper athorities, I simply left the chapter. As much as I would love to have they kicked out of school for the things they did, I am having faith that God and karma will take care of them.

8. I broke up with 5 boyfriends this year. That's not surprising for anything for me, I always date a lot of guys, fall hard, get hurt and we break up. One I really regret breaking up with because I wish I was still with him, but he has a wonderful new girlfriend now and his family loves her and they are happy so I am trying to be happy for them.

9. This is the year I did many many stupid things. I want to say that I learned from them, but I dont think I have yet, but I will learn from them one day.

10. This year AB and BS both got engaged. AB asked me to be a bridesmaid and I am so excited to be there on her special day. I set her and SW up, and I cant wait to see her walk down the aisle. I cried when she bought her wedding dress and I know I'll cry on her big day. BS recently got engaged to her man of 10 years and I am so excited for her and her man. I hope she will ask me to be a bridesmaid but I know I will be at her wedding to share her special day.

11. JSO is pregnant and I found out today that KB is also pregnant! I am so very excited for both of these women. We were all friends at my first college and I know they will both be amazing mothers! I cant wait to attend baby showers for them and be a part of their little one's lives forever :)

12. This is the year I discovered goodwill and started to really shop there. I love knowing I am helping my community while Im getting a great deal. And I love the thrill of the hunt.

13. Recently I have rediscovered my faith. In high school I never missed mass or youth group and then I went to college and I just stopped going. I never found a church that worked for me, so I just turned my back on God. I thought I could make it through life without him, but here lately I am realizing that thats not a option for me and I am one of those people who needs their faith to get through life.

14. One of my best friends, DA got married and became DR. I missed the wedding, due to the fact that I was trying to graduate, but I am happy she had a wonderful wedding and is having a happy marriage. I just wish the other stuff was going better for her.

15. My cousin got married and I got a chance to go and see all of my family in upstate NY. I love going up there and being with my family.

16. I went to my very first Michigan game in the big house. It was Amazing! We lost but it was still one of the best games ever! It was so different from SEC games (all the girls were in fan gear, and jeans, no one dressed up).

17. I moved! Did I already say that? Nope, just checked. I live in my 1st non college apartment and although I cant say Im loving it, Im making do and hoping it gets better.

18. I found my favorite adult drink! Its called amaretto sour and its amazing! Im having one right now :)

19. I have discovered the joy of mail and writing notes and getting mail and sending packages and things like that. If you havnt send mail in a while, go ahead and do it. send a cad, and make someones day.

20. I had a horrible roommate experience this year. We started out as friends but it didnt take long for her to show her true colors. The last few months were the hardest, knowing she was stealing from me, and breaking my things behind my back, but I'm out of that situation and I'm a better person because of it.

21. This is really hard y'all - just fyi. I tried to expand my cooking knowledge this year. I have bought a slew of cook books and I have made myself use them. I havnt always liked what I cooked but I am glad that I tried some new things.

22. Im trying to remember where I was 366 days ago. I dont remember, like at all. I know I went out to the statesboro bars with my friends to celebrate and I had an excellent time.

23. Well its 11.58 on oct 5th, 2010 so in 2 min it will be my birthday. I dont officially turn 24 until 11.11pm oct 6, so I guess I can say that I still have a few hours of being 23.

well its midnight, so I guess it is officially my birthday.


Anonymous said...

happy birthday!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Happy birthday sweet girl! I hope this is a fabulous year for you!!

Ruth said...

Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you have a relaxing one planned.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Peachy Keen said...

Happy Birthday, lady! I hope it's a fantastic day and the beginning of a GREAT year for you!

CT Cupcake said...

happy belated birthday! hope it was great!

that had to be a difficult post to write.

Trish said...

Happy (belated) birthday Bridget!! Hope this year brings you everything your heart wishes for! ((hope you got the card I sent you!!)) xoxo

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