Thursday, October 21, 2010

Part 1 of the Burn Story

ok, so if your read this blog loyaly every day you of course follow me on titter, and I guess its ok if you dont. But if you are into twitter and dont follow me, you should because Im super funny and amazing of course so look me up, ATLYankeeBelle on there and make sure you @ me and I will follow you :)

so on tiwtter I have metnioned my burn a few times and many many people have asked be about it, and its kind of a hard story to tell in 140 characters. So I decided to take a few posts on here and tell the whole story. I did this once, on facebook, but I didnt tell the whole truth, which I regret emensly. I will warn you right now, this story is not for the light of heart. I will keep the gore and blood etc to a minimum and I dont have any nasty pictures, so dont worry about that. I also want you to know this is going to be hard for me. Its been 4 years and I havent ever really gone back and thought about what happened. I sort of just forget about it. But the truth is I should, at least once, take some time and really talk about the whole situation

So I am going to begin this story with the first time I ever wrote about it. This is the note I posted on facebook (I was getting a lot of questions at school being on crutches etc so this was the easiest way to tell people the story without having to repeat myself constantly). Heres the note:

As some, but not all of you know, I got burned very badly by gas on sunday evening. I just wanted to put the entire story on here so people would know what happened.

Chase and his uncle Earnest were woking in the yard on Chases truck. I was inside studying and I decided to go and get some help on my lines. I walked outside and stood a few feet away from a partialy full gas can. I watched as Earnest pured gas into the carborator to get the truck to run. The all of a sudden the truck backfired, causing a flame to jump out of the truck. It lit the excess gas on fire and also caught the small trail of gas from the truck to the gas can on fire. I was standing a few feet from the gas can when it caught fire and exploded, sending a splash of flaming gas onto my sneaker. My sneaker- being rubber and fabric, caugght right away and the flame rose under my jean leg and proceded to burn about 4 inches up my leg above my ancle.

It took me a second to realise what was going on and when I did I freaked out. I began to run around as Earnest tried to pull my burning sneaker off my foot. By this time my skin had caught fire and I tried to stop drop and roll, but it didnt work becuase the gas and my skin we're feeding the fire too much.

Chase and Earnest both burned their hands trying to put my leg out, and thankfuly they succeded. I was then driven to Earnest's house where his wife Laura was waiting for me. She is a nurse. I thought she was going to put something cool on it and I would be fine, but as soon as she saw it, she said we needed to go to the ER. So I was rushed to the ER, sobbing in pain the entire way.

When I got there, they didnt even have me fill out a form, they rushed me into the hospital, took my vitals and put me in a hospital bed. I waited in that bed for a good 30 min in pain before a nurse came in and gave me some IB profin for the swelling and some very storng pain killers. Then the Dr came in, diagnosed it and left. I spent a grand total of 3 and a half hours in the ER, only being treated for maybe 30 min. The Kings Mountain Hospital is either under staffed or just far too slow.

So the end of the story is Im all right. Im in a lot of pain, but have plenty of pain pills. If you see me limping across campus, say hey. It will make my day

I just got back from the nurse, who has now put me on crutches, major bed rest and heavier pain pills- lucky me

So that was it, a lot of spelling mistakes. I will say this much, there are a few lies in this story, but I wanted y'all to know the full story and this is the story I told people for a solid year. 


Angela said...

Hi, I tried to follow you on twitter but I don't know how. I am MizzAngyl on twitter.

JMO said...

Wow! I'm glad that it wasn't worse that what it was. Hang in there girl!

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