Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blogging Chalange Day 6

5 People Who Mean a Lot to me

5. My Parents
well my parents have been with me pretty much every day of my life. And if they wernt there, they were a phone call away. My parents worked very very hard. My dad went to the University of Michigan & my mom went to Cornell where they both majored in business type things. They both worked in corporate America for many many years to they could give me (and my siblings) the best things they could. I never wanted to anything. Even though they worked A Lot, they never missed a show, or a game, or a parent teacher night (even when they didnt have to go). They supported me when I dated the worst guys they could have imagined, and my Dad even took me to NYC when I got dumped. My mom, bless her heart, has never cooked a thanksgiving or Christmas dinner in her life, but she always makes sure were together on the holidays. My mom took my on a spring break trip in college when none of my friends wanted to go anywhere. They threw me my 21st birthday party, my 16th and bought me my first diamonds. I could imagine having better parents then them. I love you mom & dad

Dad when he took me skiing in NC
Mom on our spring break
4. My Friend Bethany
Bethany and I met my 3rd year of college, 1st year at Georgia Southern. We meet at walmart, though a friend Ive had since high school. Bethany is not your typical college student, shes 34 years old. Shes been in statesboro since it was founded (or it seems to be that long). Shes like a momfriend. I dont know what else to call her. When I was surrounded by 18 year old girls with all their drama, Bethany was always there to do the grown up thing, to have lunch or martinis or something like that. She and I were always close, but we never realized how close we were until I moved away. She and I talk almost every day and I miss her so much. I cant wait to go see her in november, to just spend hours talking and gabbing and enjoying being around her. 
Us at the county fair 2007
3. My High School Theater Teacher
This photo doesnt do her justice. Bonnie is a 5'3 Jewish women from new york working at a private catholic school in the south. Its a sitcom waiting to be written. She works with father Dan, a priest at the school and her tech director is a nice young religion teacher. She has the only classroom without chairs, she is crazy and vivacious and I love her. She was my mentor and my adviser and my best friend in high school. I love going back and visiting her from time to time. She wants me to take over her job one day and maybe I will, who knows. She will sing at my wedding and be at my childrens baptism. This is how much she means to me.

2. Marie
Marie and I have a funny story about how we are friends. I went to an all girls school in SC for my first 2 years of college and I love love loved it. I had an amazing room mate and wonderful girls living on my floor. I adored all of them and I miss that life more then you know. Julie was my room mate and across the hall was Kelly and Marie and next door was Christina and Rosa. They we're my girls. Well Marie left after maybe 2 months of school. It was really hard but we had our goodbye and moved on. 2 years later I transferred to GSU and I lost contact with the girls from Converse. One day, randomly, I saw that Christina has 2 friends who went to GSU and I saw that the other friend was Marie. I messaged her right away and the rest was history. We have been super close ever sense. Marie is married to a navy officer and I was her support when he was deployed. I love this girl so very much and she is such a wonderful person and I love her so much, I just wish we lived closer together.

1. Y'all
My readers and my twitter girls. I really dont know how I would get through the day with out y'all. I have been going through a really hard time in my life and Ive been feeling really alone. I spill my guts out to y'all here and all I get is support. Y'all are kind, and up lifting and smart and wonderful and just the best sort of friends someone could ask for. Consider yourself hugged and thanked!


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