Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Has It Really Been 5 Years?

5 years ago I graduated from this place -
and this weekend I will be going back to attend the homecoming game on friday and then my 5 year high school reunion here -
To say that Im excited about this event would not be true. I am more apprehensive then anything else. I wasnt super popular in highschool, but I wasnt a loser either. One thing I was was A LOT skinnier, like 150+ lbs skinnier. I am really nervous about seeing all these people I havnt seen in 5 years. Im nervous that they'll say something harsh or more then likely Ill just feel stupid.

Sitting here, I had flash backs to this movie
I know you all have seen it, and I know you remember it. Part of me wants to watch it in preparation for saturday. I also see a lot of things in common with this film. I wont be seeing much of this

But I will be seeing lots of these
I know, Im not in a rush to get married, but when it feels like everyone around me in getting married or is married, it plays on a girls heart strings. Just makes me want to be that happy.

I doubt this will happen

but you never know.

The biggest issues I have are these

  • I am unemployed, just like Romie and Michelle. But I promise I wont tell a soul that I invented post its ill come up with something else everyone knows like twitter. 
I have NOTHING TO WEAR and I have no $$ to buy something. Planning to raid my closet to find something tonight, or I'll just whip up something like this
and I promise to get a photo like this:


Peachy Keen said...

What a fun(ny) post!

I missed my 5 year reunion because of a football game but I can't wait for the 10 year (in 5 years!).

Have tons of fun and definitely Romy it up!

Anonymous said...

How funny, I actually watched that movie lastnight before bed, lol!

Tales of a young mamma said...

We must be the same age- my 5 yr reunion was this summer!

*danielle said...

Actually (I hear a FAIL coming!) I haven't actually seen this movie... Maybe. Buuut I get the jist of it. Haha.

See, you'll meet up with Robin or Laura or both, right? I'm totally not going, but I wish I could because I would love the see the faces of certain people when I showed up with my hot sexy military husband. But, to be honest, not that many people are engaged or married from our class, and only a few (like 2 maybe? that I know of...) have babies! Other than the people who have grown up and moved on, I really think most people will still have the same friends, the same life, and it will be disgustingly refreshing to relive how terrible high school was. My old elementary school is having a reunion this year in January, which I won't make either. Kinda bummed, but more than anything, I really just wanna see teachers again - and a select few friends, which I know I'd see outside of that day anyways! And the funniest thing - some people I never talked to in high school frequently "like" my stuff on facebook. I think I'm more liked post-high school than I was then! I don't care either way, I just get a kick out of it. My friends that have stuck around from high school & college are my real friends. I'm nosey but that's what facebook's for! Hah!

E said...

Don't sweat it so much! If you think about it, everyone will be nervous about how they look and what people will think. So just go in there like you own the place with total confidence! You will end up having much more fun than if you were to get so worked up about it. Plus, if it sucks, then leave! Who cares, right? There's always the 10 year!

Good luck!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Good luck on your reunion I've got my 10 year coming up in 2 years and I'm still debating on whether or not to go. Good luck and you'll have to tell us all about it!

No matter what, go in there with your head held high!

BelleinBows said...

Have fun at your reunion. I have a feeling you are going to have a blast! Normally, everyone is just so excited to see each other, all the other stuff just falls to the wayside!

*danielle said...

Replying your comment: Bridget, thank you! I needed a boost. I called out this morning and I had to call the same woman at 530am (you have to call 2 hours before your shift) and I know I ended up waking her up. She didn't argue with me today, she just said, "Alrighty" and hung up - this woman is very rude I can't believe it! (She's American) KR wants me to quit and look for a job AFTER we move and get settled - and I'm gonna eye one of the banks on base. Every time I get a job that I thought was a dream job... something big happens to make it impossible for me. =/ Today, I'm gonna be trying to call a doctor to find out if why my body is rebelling so much against this job.

If you really really dreading the reunion simply don't go! You don't have to - it's not worth your energy to worry about!

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