Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blogging Chalange Day 7

4 Turn Offs

4 mean people - I hate people that are unnecessarily mean. Keep your unkind comment to yourself, remember how you would feel if you were laughed at, and remember Karma's a bitch

3. blood and gore - Halloween is my favorite holidays but I dont like all the yucky stuff, the blood and the gore. I dont like being scared or hurt or seeing those sort of things happen to other people

2. friends who click "not attending" to invites on facebook without an explanation
Im not talking about something where you invite everyone you know, like a blood drive. I mean like a birthday party. If you cant come, tell me why. I will be a lot less hurt knowing your missing my birthday because you have a big test or your sister is getting married. But just not coming, no reason why, really hurts my feelings.

1. Not having extra money
When I was in college, I had a fun part time job which gave me a little extra money to get a new pair of shoes, or a top, just a few nice things on occasion. Now, I have to pinch pennies just to be able to afford decent food. I got myself a little part time tutoring a nice young man, but at $40 a week, it wont pay the bills. 


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