Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bake - n - Blog

I made JAB and his roommmates red velvet cupcakes!

I have heard so much about red velvet cupckaes over the years but I'd never had one, let alone made one so I was really excited to make these.

I dont have an electric mixer, so making the batter was a feet, but my arms got a good workout and it was really yummy.

All ready to go in the oven!

They came out looking super yummy! I let them cool while I made the icing, which I added cream cheese to.

Close up!

JAB stole a bite while I wasnt looking!


Ali @ His Birdie's Nest said...

Your cupcakes are the perfect shade of red! They turned out great :)

Anonymous said...

They look super yummy!

Jessica Lynn said...

oh I LOVE red velvet cake and those look fantastic! I hope they tasted as good as they looked! Thanks for participating in the Bake-N-Blog!

LindseyLove said...

Yum! Love red velvet (cup)cakes!

*danielle said...

I haven't had red velvet cake in YEARS! I don't even know if I like it or not. Man, I once made banana bars without a mixer and I had to have KR help me b/c I couldn't get the butter mixed in well enough. Hand electric mixers aren't too expensive. We bought a European one - but we bought it used for like 10 bucks. We bought a European one b/c we only have 220 plugs in this place and on-base we'll have both so at least it won't go to waste quite yet!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I don't think I've ever ate a red velvet cake or cupcake! Those look really good though!

Jordan Streetman (Southern Hospitality) said...

I love red velvet, so much it is my dessert of choice.

I also finally got a hold of Jess. She said she is sorry, and will be in contact with you shorty. I'm sure she'll tell you why she has been incognito. lol.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I think red velvet is the prettiest cupcake. Simple but a classic. It's a southern staple. Have you not seen Steel Magnolias? The armadillo cake? If not, run, don't walk, and buy it!!

Freck said...

Gasp! These look soooo yummy!

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