Wednesday, June 23, 2010

wordless wednesday

 while Im sitting here waiting on my iPhone to update with the new iPhone 4 software, I cant do much, so I figured Id use this wordless Wednesday and post some pictures :)

This is me in NYC when I went there with JAB in February. I had never been to the statue of liberty so it was really exciting!

This is JAB and I at the statue of liberty. When we were on the little island some girls came up to me and were like "GO BLUE" and I was super excited!

This was our last morning in NYC, we went to the top of the empire state building (even though JAB is scared of heights) and he asked me to be his girlfriend. This is our first couple kiss :)

This a shirt I bought when I went to the 2009 Michigan Ohio State game



This is me and my dad MAS at the football game. He has had that hat since he graduated from Michigan in 1974! It was the best game ever even though we lost

For all you lovely people who live up north, snow is nothing new or exciting for you. But when you live in south ga, snow is AMAZING!

Snowy South Ga

Thats my roommate SJT in the snow

South Ga sunset (gonna miss those)

Made these for 4th of July last year & they were supper yummy

This is my friend Jeremy, Savannah for a weekend and we got caught in a monsoon, not sure you can tell but we were drenched all the way through (even my underwear was wet)

That concludes Wordless Wednesday for this week


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