Monday, June 14, 2010

Rubber Ducky Your're So Fun

So for my second blog post I had an idea of writing about what I love to shower with :)

Lets start with this stuff. Mine is actually pink, a raspberry smell, but I couldn't find that, and they don't make it any more :( This stuff is amazing. I buy it at Bath and Body Works. Its minty and fresh and just amazing. I used it all over, even personal areas, because it always leaves everything feeling clean. Its on sale right now for $6
I also adore Bath & Body Works signature collection body washes. I have them is every possible smell :) They hydrate and smell amazing but they don't leave so much sent that it ruins your perfume after you wash it off. This is also on sale for $3

Another fab B&BWs find. Their loofahs are simply amazing! They last a long time and they come in cute colors. This one I got around fall and its a pumpkin. On sale for $2

This Clean & Clear product is sometimes hard to find, but so worth the search. Its a mask and a face scrub all in one. You get in the shower, and put it on your face like a mask. The steam from the shower opens your pours and cleans them out. Then right before you get out, you scrub your face with it and rinse it off. Your face feels amazing. I buy mine at Big Lots for $3.50.

Maybe I'm weird, but I like to brush my teeth in the shower & this is my favorite toothpaste! It foams in your mouth and makes your breath smell minty.This runs about $4 at walmart.

You know how your hair looks and feels after you leave the salon, and try and you might nothing you do at home makes it feel that way. Well this stuff works! It smells amazing, it tingles on your scalp, and its just simply amazing! Buy the big bottles, much better value! This is a little pricey, about $36 for the both bottles (it is available at ULTA & the walmart hair center near the front)

And for those of us who live in the south, we like to wear our flip flops (today it got to 110 outside) so nice feet are a must. This isn't very expensive  but it works well. I also put inexpensive lotion on my feet and wear cotton socks to bed every night to keep my feet nice and soft. Very inexpensive, right at $5 at your local walmart.

So all in all I spend about $60 in bath products to stay clean & fresh :) Not bad


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