Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what to do next

so for all of you who follow my twitter, you know that I made a C in my biology class, so that means I'm officialy a college graduate . and that means im a 23 year old, whos been in school for the last 20 years and I have no idea what I planning to do with the rest of my life.

right now Im considering moving to carrollton, ga to go to UWG and continue my education while working full time. but I am also considering moving back to Europe to become a teachers assistant at St Johns International School. I went to school there from 3rd - 8th grade and I loved living there. I am wondering if that would be the best decision to move back there, as I would be making an excellent living, $50,000+ a year plus a place to live & many babysitting jobs. Im just not sure if packing up my life and moving across the pond all alone is something Im prepared to do. I am a very co-dependent person and I would have to be single to make this plan work.

I also have the option of staying where I am in statesboro, ga for 6 more months while I look for a job. this would be nice as I could put off moving for longer & Id be able to be around my friends. Id also be able to take classes at GSU in the fall and continue to be a student. this option would put more strain on my already strained relationship with JAB since I would continue to live 250+ miles away.

Right now my plan is to put $200 down at the loft in carrollton where I found a really nice 1 br apt, and then talk to the school in belgium and see what they say. also while continuing to look for jobs.

any tips or advice or encouragement or thoughts on what I should do would be most welcome


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