Monday, June 28, 2010

Long Lost Photos

Time Square! It was sooo cold but sooo exciting

Im a huge Tim Burton fan so I had to go to MOMA and see his exhibit - it was amazing!

The illegal photo I took of the entrance!

This statue of liberty was on the phone - lol

OMG! I was freaking out in the elevator going up, knowing Tim Gunn had been there! I bought 2 Mood bags!

so much snow!

Central park was amazing!

Random Hello Kitty we found

Saw the one in Philly last summer, but this one was bigger

JAB let me navigate and we got sooo lost... oops

The yellow M&M looks like hes on the toilette

It was snowing so hard but I wanted to see where SITC 1 was filmed

Oh the snow!

If I ever teach, this quote is going in my classroom

Grand Central Station


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