Thursday, June 24, 2010

For Eever... for eva eva eva?

hey yall

hope everyones day is going super well :) Mine is actually not going too badly, though I wasnt so sure this morning when I woke up.

As most of you know, Im in ATL for the week + spending some much needed time away from school and the boro and all that stuff. Im also here looking for jobs. I never realized how difficult finding a good job was, or how much I need to make just to make ends meet. My dad explained that I should be looking for a full time position that pays about $25,000 - $30,000 a year. I never really sat down and thought about it, but that's a whole lotta money... until you take out $8000 for rent, $1500 for cell phone, $1000 for car insurance etc.. then that $30,000 a year looks like chump change.

So now that I know I need a job and one thats going to pay me more then $7.25 an hour (what I was looking for originally) now theres the "how on earth do I find a job, and where do I look period". Thankfully my daddy, MAS is a very smart man and has found me 30 companies in my new city to apply at, and Ive found 1.

So of course, the one I found was via craigslist, and then I decided to follow them on twitter and @ them about working at the company. Much to my surprise, they replied. Suzanne was very polite and direct and I am very excited to send her my resume and (keep your fingers crossed, interview for the job).  But along with my resume she asked me what my ideal job would be and what my career goals are.

Of course my first response was a paying job, at least $30,000 a year and my career goals is to have a job for the next 30+ years. But I dont think thats exactly what she wanted to hear.

** ADD moment - just applied to be a customer service rep at Netflix**

So now Im really thinking about what my career goals are and my ideal job.

I know for sure my ideal job would have to be people based, either on the phone or in person. I love talking to people, helping people, and I just couldn't do a whole day with out some sort of customer interaction. I also love love love social media and networking, and that would have to be a part of my dream job.

**applying at Verizon wireless in newnan**

**omg - my best friend and freshmen college roommate is married! just saw it on facebook... wow... I didn't even know she was engaged...**

after that shock Im not really in the mood to blog more... sorry


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