Monday, June 29, 2009

why oh why am i up this late?

because i went with my mom to a pizza place for dinner - which was super yummy btw - its called ... i dont remember :( its on my twitter tho :)

so luckily i didnt have to go into work today :) my slacker co worker actually stepped up :)

so i just layed by the pool & went and got supplies for the peach tree road race tshirts Im making. (see earlier post)

**this is just a thought - but maybe if i stooped treating my ex like he was my bf, Id fine boy**

i think ill do the ** thing whenever im entering a thought that just runs through my head

so i also did a lot of messaging on POF today. Im sure I sent like 10 messages - and got a few back. so I added 2 new guys to my cell phone (kinda a big deal). they dont get their own names yet but maybe they will & maybe not. but these 2 guys are real winners - let me tell you

the 1st one i gave my # to said he didnt have a cellphone (weird) so i asked him why - and heres what I got back

"i cant stand for too long , so i dont have a job, so i have no money, so i have no cell phone,,, ssi,, social security income, when i get on it they will give me so much money a month and ill be able to get stuff i need and get more healthy and able to work"

mind you this guy is 22! and hes too fat to work! hello - parents FAILED!

and boy # 2 is quite good looking, but when he asked me to drive to him - i was put off. turns out hes 19, lives at home and has had his "driving privileges revoked" by his parents. i mean- hello! whats wrong with that! idk everything!

argh - i feel like ive met and dated all the decent guys in atl & duno who or where else to meet them.

off to bed y'all



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