Monday, June 22, 2009

dating life

so a big part of this blog is going to be about my dating life - because right now, its summer. i have a job but im more worried about boys. i kinda wish i wasnt like that - a lot of my high school girl friends who have just graduated from college havnt had boyfriends (that i know of). in a way Im glad Im not like that but I also envy the lack of tears they have spilled for stupid guys.

yes - i know the phrase "the only one whorth your tears wont make you cry" but i have yet to find a guy who didnt cause some kind of tears :(

i was just reminded by a txt (from a guy) that I have a twitter account - so if you like what you read here & want a more imediate update, follow me on twittwer ActressL2

so guys - lets just go down a list of the guys Ive dated just to keep you up to date

philip - 1st boyfriend
dated him at 19 for 6 months. he cheated on me 2x. now a GT grad & married

adam - 2nd boyfriend
dated him for 3 weeks till he dumped me for the girl 4 doors down the hall of my college dorm

chase - 3rd & longest
dated him for 2.5 years. abusive mentaly & physicaly. the "burn" story goes here, but thats another post for later

stephen - preachers son
nice guy but he was like a dormat

Lee - only guy Ive met in person
he was a bouncer at a bar close to my apartment. he used me for 6 months

michael - firefighter
good ol country boy - used me & still tries to today

josh - poor
no car, no cash, no home. guess he used me too

dominic - 2 kids
lived in savannah & i did everything for him for 2months then he stoped calling

Ben - pharmacist
really loved this guy, but he was older and couldnt handle a college gf :(

Casey - most recent ex
best guy Ive ever dated but hes just so diffrent from me. hope for the future? maybe

Chris - college guy
"dated" me for 3 weeks, then I went home for a weekend came back and he had a GF butthead
also he crashed my car :(

Brandon - formal date
really really liked this guy - seemed perfect but after formal & sex - he just stoped calling :(

which leads us to this summer: the summer of a million dates - I wish

Im single in the city, atlanta that is, & i figured Id make the most of it. posted updated profiles on &

met a LOT of guys, like 15+ but none of them seemed right for me - & only a few have asked me out.

out of the masses, 2 guys have stood out. Jacob (who will be known as POLO) and Alan (EMT)

now that I have rehashed my entire dating life Im feeling kinda down, seeing all the losers Ive dated - so im gonna go have a swim & get back on here later


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