Thursday, June 25, 2009

the day MJ died

hey all

so last night I had like a 2 page blog about WOW outfits and then I managed to delete it :(

I wasn't very happy & I had an early morning so I just said "whatever" and went to bed.

can I just say a few things that I think- you dont have to agree or disagree, these are just some things I thought about today

  • target bathrooms smell amazing, wish mine smelled like that
  • porn sites following you on twitter is annoying - yes, I occasionally talk about my "sex" life on there, but I dont want a bunch of links to porn sites.
  • I find it very annoying when the fridge is full of food but none of it can really make a meal
  • I need to make a mani / pedi appointment, but Im too busy to book one, let alone have one.
  • tomorrow, its gonna be 95 outside and our "field trip" at work is the library and walking around the mall.

the song Ive been really into lately.

got a call from an ex boyfriend today - we're still close as friends,which is nice. he sent me a picture of himself and he looks like a hippie - lol. he & his fiance are having problems which makes me sad, of course, but I was always a little jealous of her getting such a great guy.

which leads me to another thought - weddings. a few of my friend are getting married & Im thrilled for them. They are going to be very happy with their husbands. Im a little jealous bc I wish I had someone who loved me that much, but the part that really makes the green eyed monster come out, is it seems like all my friends have asked all our friend to be a part of their weddings & Im not even sure Ill be invited. I guess its silly that im jealous of the bridesmaids and the maids of honor - but I am. I kind of feel like I dont have any friends who are close enough to ask me to be a part of the wedding.

so for my daily EMT update -

I txted him this morning when I woke up, to say good morning. then I txted him after work, inviting him to come swim with me. He could because he had class & shift (which is true) but he also said as soon as he gets some time Ill be the 1st to know :) we flirted back and forth but he ended with "ill txt you in a few" and havnt heard from him sense. now his class doesnt get out till 11 so he could txt me after that but I doubt he will. I want him to make an effort & ask me out or just want to come see me, so Im not going to ask him to do anything but come over and swim. I really hope he realises that I like him and would like to take the next step.

inserting this in here - on the phone with my best friend and hes like "shes soooo hot" and I said "thanks" and he was like "not you" - makes me wonder if Ill ever be that girl that someone says that about :(

btw- this same best friend calls his penis "Ana" as in anaconda - loser

So hes sitting here, on the phone with me, telling me how hot these women are that hes looking at on and I know he'll date the one whos gonna hurt him and not treat him well :( its hard to hear the guy your in love with and have been for a year+ talk about other women.

so I got my new bikinis in the mail today! love oldnavy!So my post last night was about WOW outfit last nite, an outfit that makes a guy wish he hadnt done you the way he did or just making your current guy realise how lucky he is to have you.

I believe that all women should have WOW outfits, 4 to be exact, one for each season. weather its a great pair of jeans and a nice top or a little black dress, the outfit should make you feel like $1,000,000

so last nite I was talking to TDH (ex bf) , this is a guy i dated for 5+ months and have known for 8+months and I asked him what outfit in my (larger) wardrobe stood out in his mind and the only thing he could come up with is the dress I wore at Christmas:

this is a special occasion dress, and its the only thing he remembered! I was really hurt and felt sad because whenever we did I always made a major effort to look nice and wow him.

BTW- right now Im writing a pickup message to some girl the best friend has found on POF. he said hes finally found a girl thats fat & beautiful

Im like HELLO! im right here! Im fat & id love for you to admit that Im beautiful - just because I really value your opinion.

since this is the day that Michael Jackson passed away, I think this appropriate - I always loved this movie & song

good night all


mylittlebecky said...

"I find it very annoying when the fridge is full of food but none of it can really make a meal." so frustrating! ugh! also! cute dress :)

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