Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 2 of blogging

not sure if this is meant to be a daily thing - or only when you have something to talk about.

well heres what Im going to talk about in this blog -

EMT (the saga continues - from tiwtter)
work - thoughts
*insert shout out to Jacob here*

thats what Im listing to as I write out this blog :) love Taylor because all her songs speak to me and they all work right into my life.

so the EMT saga. this is a guy that Im really into - he just kinda gets me. hes very flirty and likes PDA but also falls in step with my family -teasing me and joking with everyone. he loves to travel and has major plans for his life. he wants to see the world, just like me.

and hes cute to boot and the kinda guy i go for, tall (6'4, 300+lbs of muscle - football player build)

but theres something unnerving about him - like hes hiding something behind his eyes. you look into them and you see a lot - hurt, pain, faith, hope, love, hate, passion, and adventure. I just wish I could read him and understand him - which is hard because hes a very closed person. Im hoping he will open up with time.

so i met him for the 1st time last friday & our first date lasted like 6+ hours. he even met my family that night. then I saw him sat & sun & mon, but not again till sat. Sat he came over for a swim (yummy swim suite memories). That was the same night as my ex boyfriend TDH (tall dark & handsome) came over. I had to ask EMT to leave after only an hour which I hated but TDH had driven 1.5 hours to come see me, so I couldnt send him home.

I dated TDH for 5+ months & it was great except for the distance thing - he was 4 hours away from me at school, and he was not into coming to visit me. we were good together but I was never sure it was a forever thing because we were so different. hes from a small city in N Ga, Ive spent my life traveling all over the world. he doesnt wana leave unless he gets married, I wana see the world asap. makes me sad that it didnt work but I just cant see myself settling down in a small town & being happy. I need an alpha male to sweep me off my feet & be the shrek to my Fiona. I dont think TDH is the right one for the job.

So I had a date with EMT sat night - but I didnt hear from him all day sunday & he stood me up that. This really upset me because the day before he was talking about dating in the future. So I was majorly bummed out but didnt make a major effort to contact him as not too look desperate. Then he didnt answer my 1 call I made to him monday - so I assumed he was just another ass hole who just didnt care and played me.

well last nite at 11.37pm he txted me this:

"hey beautiful im sorry I havnt had a chance to talk to u the past 2 days ive been busy as hell"

now - he does have a very close friend in the hospital and this was his first fathers day without his dad - so he had a ruff weekend. I called him and said I was glad to hear from him. I explained that I believed he was sorry and in time I would trust him - Im just jaded by so many exs that I cant do it right now. he seemed ok with that.

my question to you - my reader, is, is he worth another chance? 2 days really isnt that bad, and did man up and explain. If its a reoccurring thing - hes out the door.

so im giving him the benefit of the doubt & giving him another chance - hopefully this is a good idea.

Ill keep you posted about how it all works out. :)

well now that I have spent too much time blogging, my beautiful sunny pool is calling to me - so Im off to sunbath :)


Catherine said...

don't give up just yet! My brother is an EMT/Paramedic now and his dating life suffered a lot because of it. Most EMTs are scheduled 60 hrs per week or more so it pretty much dominates their lives. I wouldn't get too upset when you don't hear from him as frequently as you'd like. However, you may want to come to terms with the fact that he has a very demanding job and may not be able to give you all the attention you may need/want.

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