Tuesday, June 30, 2009

order up

so i started my day off, today at 12.01am having a big talk with my ex boyfriend about alpha males. he told me he had done research on it. proof, yet again, he doesnt get it. Ive tried to explain to him what i want but everytime we hang out, he acts like a scared 4th grader which just annoys me. & if i hear him say "next time itll be better" one more time Im gonna blow a lid. its simple - either be a man and take what u want, or go be a sheepish liser somewhere else.

I want a guy whp will sweep me off my feet, who twirls me around then pulls me in close and kisses me just becuase he thinks im beautiful . I want someone who can make fun of me when i do silly things but also sneek a kiss in. i want a guy to pull me close and when i hold him I fee safe. I want a guy who turns me on with just one kiss. I want a guy who knows what hes doing in the bedroom and makes me feel like a goddess. I want a guy who plans dates, who loves adventures and trying new things.

a good friend of mine told me to find the perfect guy, I need to have qualifications. so heres my list

heavier built
great kisser - weak in the knees kind
life long learner (pref a college edu)
whitty & sharp tounged
good cook
likes to travel
wants a family
ok with PDA
likes country music
udnerstand city life but is country too
a little jealous
alpha male
financialy sound

so i have no idea where to find a guy like that - wish i could just order him up, but I cant.

heres a fun song that Im feeling right now


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