Monday, June 29, 2009

Sick of it

So I'm writing this entry from my cell phone, at the side of my pool
trying to get all my emotions in line. It's only Monday morning & I'm
about to blow up I'm so stressed & annoyed.

Let's start with the 1st reason I'm stressed today- WORK
I work at a very small family run daycare & I love it. I work 4 days a
week, in 6 hour shifts. From time to time I cover for someone else so
I work a little more, but most weeks it's 24 hours.

So last friday I got an email from on of the 2 other girls I work with
saying her grandpa passed away & she had to fly up north for the
funeral. So I replyed I'm sorry for your loss etc & I'll cover your
wed & fri shifts (meaning I'll work 11 hours each of those days). So I
got an email yesterday saying that she needed to leave Sunday & now
she would need 1 of tge 2 of us to cover her Monday shift. Now
remember, that's my only day off. So I just got a call from my boss
asking me to come in (a 45 min drive from my place) because my third
co worker ( who is already there) can't help pick up the slack. This
girl does the bare minimum at work & now she can't even respect my
only day off when she gets wed & Friday off. Argh!

My next stresser is POLO- super hot, seems like the perfect guy but
won't make a comitment even just to meet up for coffee. He's happy to
cam all night long & say how much he likes me, but I need a human
being to hold hands with & kiss & cuddle- not a very hot, half naked
boy on my computer screen.

And my third stressor is EMT. The ass doesn't call me or txt me all
weekend after a promising call Friday night. So literaly spent all of
Friday & Saturday in tears over this guy. Because I really liked him &
I still do- but I'm sick of being jerked around. So I got a wimpy
little txt from him last nite saying sorry & instead of replying right
away- I ignored it & finaly replied a curt "I'm fine how are you" this
morning. I beliveve this deserves an apology in person from him & if
he gets back to me I plan I ask for one.

So now as I sit here & wait for my boss to call me saying I need to
come pick up this girls slack- i've decided to at least get a swim in

Sorry for the down-ness of thus entery, but I have no one to vent to

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